What am I missing in this Studio setup??

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by yaoh_comeon, Sep 27, 2005.

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    Hi ppl..
    This is a studio setup configuration that I have worked out for my new studio.. Although i am not new to audio.. This is the first time I am setting up a studio all by myself (N' it happens to be for me!! :? Please lemme know what i am missing on (I'd like that i've got it all rite though.. lol) :)

    A few things that I would like to tell

    1) The setup is mainly for dubbing work for ad films & short films.. Will concider Music mixing n' recording where there is no drum recording needed..

    2) The studio can be hired out to freelance engg.. so Nuendo becomes an obvious choice looking at the industry here (INDIA)..

    3) I love Protools N' mics :D (that Explains so much of investment in the mics)

    4) The studio is not too big in size 10*8 feet is the control room n' 8*6 is the vocal booth

    This is what the detailed list looks like..

    Software – (1 of them)
    1} Protools LE with Dv tool kit – (1st choice)
    2} Nuendo 3.2
    Hardware - For Protools LE - (1st choice)
    1} Digi 002 rack bundle
    2} Canopus ADVC-100
    3} Firewire capture card
    For Nuendo 3.2
    Mackie Onyx Firewire card should do the job (I guess)
    Computer – This will be built to my liking.. Roughly looks like -
    3 ghz processor speed (Xeon*)
    2 gig RAM 533 DDR
    80 Gb 7200 rpm + H.D – 1 & 120 Gb 7200 rpm H.D,
    Dual layer DVD RW
    17 inch + Monitor
    1} Mackie Onyx 1640 Mixer (16 Channels, 4 Bus) –With
    firewire interface –(Firewire interface is not useful
    much for Protools LE) But will be used with Nuendo 3.2
    1} Yamaha MSP5 Bi-Amplified Monitor Speaker – (near
    2} Mackie HR824 Active Reference Monitor (far fields)
    1} AKG C414 B-XL II 5-Pattern Condenser Microphone
    2} Rode NT2A Variable Pattern Studio Condenser
    3} Neumann U87Ai
    4} Neumann BCM 104
    5} Shure SM58 Dynamic
    6} Shure SM57 Dynamic
    7} M-Audio Tampa mic pre (is it good enough??)
    8} DBX 376 Tube channel processor
    Headphones – Koss Pro-4AA (pair) (For studio monitoring only)
    T.V set – 21 inch colour + splitter
    DAT recorder - Sony PCMM1 Portable
    Cables n’ connectors – might need more
    1} Neutiik break-out box(8 in 4 out)
    2} Midi Patchbay (10 slots)
    3} 2 core shield Beldon mic cable for 5 mic cables
    4} Midi cable 10 metres
    5} Nuetrik NYSSPPL 48-Point TRS Balanced Patchbay Audio
    6} Nuetrik XLR (male & female connectors – 20 total
    7} Nuetrik TRS 30
    8} Furman HA6AB Headphone/Monitor Amplifier (Balanced)

    Thxns U guyz!!
  2. moonbaby

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    Feb 23, 2005
    As far as the mic pre's go, I would go with something cleaner. The 376 has a rep in the States for being mediocre and the Chinese tubes will have to replaced to keep it quiet. I would recommend the Grace 101 for clean, transparent VO work on a budget. Ditto for the TAMPA. These are not a bad deal, but I think that a Safesound P1 would be better-suited to your applications...primo dynamics section, very true character. Just my thoughts...

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