What are some good mixers that arent allot of money

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  1. hey im looking for a mixer like 16 to 24 track for recording i dont know what to get i only have 500$ to spend what are some good brands

    im think about getting a Phonic Impact 24.4 are those any good? i cant find any reviews about them on the internet.

    and how do you make it so that you have each individual drum( like the snare and bass drums and all the toms) on an individual track, in your pro tools mixing window.

    i have pro tools LE 7
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    1. you should have an interface with your PT installation. What is it? THAT is what gets sound into the PC, not a mixer.

    2. wrong forum. This is about polish and varnish, not basic woodworking.

    3. a mixer doesn't put sound into a PC. Mixers MIX. The number of channels on your interface dictates how many separate inputs you have.
  3. I have an Mbox 2 mini
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    Agreed - this needs to get moved to the budget gear forum.

    In any case, with an Mbox 2 mini, there's no chance you're getting 16-24 discrete channels into the computer unless you track each one at a time (which negates the need for the mixer.)

    I'm afraid to tell you a few things -
    1 - for $500, you're not going to get any 16-24 channel mixer that's worth a darn. You MAY be able to pick up a decent used mixer, but expect there to be a hefty repair bill to bring it back up to spec. Ones that are worth far more but sell in that range are the RAMSA boards.

    2 - For recording 16-24 discrete channels, there's no cheap and easy way out.

    3 - (a question...) Why in God's name do you need to record 16-24 tracks simultaneously? Are you doing soundtrack work? Broadway?

    4 - You may be needing to make some major upgrades to the interface and software if this high of a track count is required.

    Post back and give us some more details.
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    Mackie 1604 VLZ will do it, direct out for 16 channels balanced.

    Even better, Allen and Heath Mix Wizard 16:2 MW3

    These are the lowest you can go really without bad sound IMO.

    Drive these desks lower (say PFL them to -6VU instead of 0VU) and they will
    sound a little better.
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    i'm afraid that the answer to your question is a larger interface. mbox mini is nice for hiphop - because you get to use protools, it has a phantom powered xlr in, and a stereo pair of 1/4" inputs.

    to track multiple simultaneous mic sources (xlr inputs), you need a larger interface. most of the rackmount ones do 8 inputs. so grab 2 or 3 (for 16 or 24 channels) and you'll be good to go. MAKE SURE THEY ARE EXPANDABLE WITH LIGHTPIPE (aka optical aka adat) so you can link them together. most of the entry level 8-channel interfaces do not have lightpipe. check into the presonus digimax, m-audio profire2626, or the digidesign 003 rack.

    you'll see that it gets expensive quickly $700 for one of those units.

    dont let it scare you though - you have a lot of power when you are able to multi track 16+ inputs!

    i have a mackie onyx 1640 w/firewire (16 channels simultaneously) and it is badass! it works great because you have aux sends from the board ... no latency with headphone mixes

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