What audio interface with Lavry Blue?

Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by Steve Halko, Mar 12, 2005.

  1. Steve Halko

    Steve Halko Guest

    I'm about to upgrade to Lavry Blue converters - currently using Frontier Designs Tango24 with Dakota interface card.

    The digital I/O between Tango24 and Dakota is ADAT optical (lightpipe).

    Digital I/O on the Lavry is AES/EBU.

    Is there such a thing as an AES/EBU to ADAT optical converter? Or will I have to replace the Dakota with another audio interface?

    I know the Lynx AES16 will do the job. Are there other audio interfaces which have AES/EBU, but with no onboard A/D D/A converters?

    If I wanted to use both the Tango24 and the Lavry Blue, is there an audio interface which handles both ADAT optical and AES/EBU?

  2. Massive Mastering

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    Jul 18, 2004
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    Good move on the Lavry -

    On the interface - I use the AES-16 and it certainly does the trick (for the unitiated, the Lynx AES-16 is a simple 16 I/O AES interface and clock in a PCI card with software based mixing functions. Very versatile unit).

    Not familiar with the Dakota - If you're referring to a TOSLink - S/PDIF optical, you can use the M-Audio Co3 as an AES-S/PDIF RCA/Optical I/O.

    If the Dakota is an actual ADAT optical (8 channels) I have no idea - There's probably something in the Dakota's literature than might tell you if it will transfer a simple stereo signal.
  3. dasbin

    dasbin Guest

    There is such a thing as a AES/EBU->optical converter, but it'll cost you $400 and you'll probably lose some wordclock integrity in the process.

    Far better to just get a proper interface card.
  4. Steve Halko

    Steve Halko Guest

    Thanx John and dasbin,

    Yes the Dakota is ADAT optical (8 channels).

    $400 for that AES -> optical converter! Definitely looks like the Lynx AES-16 is the way to go.

  5. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    Jul 2, 2002
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    There should be no problems running the Lynx card along with the Dakota card ... as long as you have an extra PCI slot ot put the Lynx in.

    I would check with Frontier Designs to learn if they can see any issues first however.

    One problem to be considered is the Tango and Dakota are only 24 / 48 capible. You may be better off just using the Lavry and abandoning the Tango and Dakota.
  6. Steve Halko

    Steve Halko Guest

    Thanx Kurt - good points - I wasn't even thinking about the sampling rate limitations in the Dakota/Tango.

    The nice thing about the Dakota is that it has built in Sync - it will automatically convert from SMPTE to MTC.

    If I use the Lynx with the Lavry Blue, I guess I'll need some other means of sync-ing. The most common scenario here is transferring from 16-track tape to PC - I make two passes - 8 tracks at a time.

    I certainly cannot afford 16 channels of Lavry right now - what additional hardware will I need to maintain song position and clock sync?


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