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    Hi, I'm new to recording. Would someone be kind enough to explain how buses work in mixers? I guess it's the route the sound takes but what about four buses compared to eight buses, etc.?? Thanks, Jim
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    The short story - You can take all your drums, pan them, and assign them to buses 1 and 2 instead of the L/R master bus. You can then EQ or compress them as a group. Or not.

    If you want to turn down the drums, it's a pair of faders (or one stereo fader) instead of a dozen.

    You can also take your "lead" tracks - Lead guitars, vocals, and the like, bus them together and put a single stereo compressor across the bus, as opposed to all of the individual tracks (as you may want all of your "lead" instruments to share a certain feel in the mix).

    The possiblities are truly endless.

    More buses = more endless possiblities.

    Try busing your kick and bass guitar together and compress them a whisker to get the groove working... Martha says it's a good thing. :lol:

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