What do... I .. do?

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    What do... I .. do?

    *Note: I did know the proper board for this.

    Note: This could be drenched with fluff and extra length, as I am quite a expatiator when it comes to the realm of explanation~ aka, I always say more than needed in every category, especially when it comes to asking questions.

    2nd Note: I know in reality probably Jack about recording, the only recording experience I have is with my handheld digital recorder because before recording music with it as more of a note, I used it to jot down all my notes, ideas, and other for my writing (non musical related).

    Background: Loved music since I was.. 14-16. When I started to adore it even more I actually thought I was simply to old to start playing an instrument... then one day I was listening to music and I decided "I want to play so..... why not?"

    I picked up the guitar and havn't looked back, 20 now, started 3 months ago, I play and involve myself with music 10-15 hours a day. I've gotten to the point where I do have enough songs to probably consider recording, though I could easily just hoard them and wait. Plus I feel like when songs are fresh you really need to record them, everyday you don't you become further severed from the original intent, the original emotion. But yeah I have about 10 real songs that I actually think are worthy- varying in style, genre, and I'm sure needs for recording technique.

    Here's my question: The older I get the more I realize simple is better, and to have 200 pairs of jeans to buy is worse than 5 pairs of jeans to buy. What I'm getting at, is I want to know what I really should do for my 'recording setup'.
    Very simply put my music is no more complicated than Beck's [One Foot in the Grave] early stuff and John's (Frusciante's) [Niandra Lades and Usually Just a T-shirt] early stuff. Very very simple stuff- well in terms of recording needs. {I am guessing that though}
    I know John used nothing but a 4 track I do believe.
    And I know Beck used 4 trakcs and then a basement studio with Calvin for One Foot~

    My biggest question is: Analog or Digital.

    To base your advice... my music as stated is very similar to the aforementioned.

    As well my musical equipment included an acoustic guitar, an electric guitar, an amp, Harmonica, my voice, cymbals, Bongo Drums, other household items. I really don't think there could be anything else, not for my solo stuff.
    My music will consist as well with many Double Voice Overs and Second Voice overs both by me and other people. I'm planning to of course record this all seperately in terms of seperate tracks and then combining them (ofc).

    Also my current recording equipment if any is a Digitial Handheld recorder which actually records my guitar quite decent I think, Recording software that actually came with it. A laptop computer 2007~ Audacity I suppose?

    Probably where it gets itchy, different songs do require different stuff, I have some songs where it would be anywhere from 1-4 tracks needed and then others where it could be anywhere from 4-24.

    So I suppose after "I" choose digital or analog, I then need to ask what do equipment do I need?

    If I do analog: What equipment do I need in terms of recording the type of music I've described. Items, software, hardware?

    If I do digital: What equipment do I need in terms of recording the type of music I've described. Items, software, hardware?

    I guess what I'm asking is do I just need a 4 track / 8 track and a mic with what I got. Or do I need more, what do I need?

    Really as I ramble, digital or analog if which then what do I need to aquire to get along the results I've described for one of the above.

    So which school of recording, then the items for the school, specific items or guidelines for WOULD BE GREAT. As well price, tell me whatever in terms of price for said item, though really the lowest possible I need to provide a sound satisfactory. I mean theres no question I project and envision lo-fi recording, in fact it's what I want. You can't beat solo work with an intimate feel~

    Note: I will say as well if your not biased I really seem to be a fan of analog over digital as long as it's not holding me back in any way really, and please tell me if it does.

    Finally I know this is most likely incredibly stupid to ask but should I actually just go and find someone who has a studio/recording setup. I have some friends here and there that I think could hook me up. So I probably should do that because they have experience with recording and making music as well as they'll streamline it, help me, teach me, supply the necessaries, and it will be more fun and organic most likely. Hell as I typed this I kept thinking, why don't I do that, but snice my brain is fried from the tackles of the day I figure I'll just post this to you gurus and see what the ones with knowledge have to say~

    Thanks to all, any amount, quality or quanity of information, help, advice is greatly appreciated.

    P.S. Yes I am praying someone tells me go crazy with a 4 track and whatever... but only if that's really all I need~
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