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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by johnT, Feb 13, 2008.

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    Hi all - new to the forums here. Came across it doing some google searches

    I anticipate this weekend purchasing a macbook for my wife to record her music. What we have right now is a Yamanha P70 and that is all. She mostly has incomplete songs with just vocal and piano, but wants to definately add other instruments (guitar,sax, etc.) as she finshes out these songs. Not looking for anything at the pro-level at this point, but would just like to be able and record her tunes at a decent quality level (whatever that is!), maybe float them out there and see how it goes. Here is what I have questions about and need advice on:

    -Should I just use Garageband for recording? My wife is easily overwhemeled by overcomplicated software so the more simple the better
    -Will the P70 be enough or should I move to a P140 (she definately needs good quality weighted 88 keys)?
    -What would be a recommended vocal mic?
    -What would be a recommended instrument mic (sax specifically)
    -There may be a potential for other instruments to be added (guitar, bass) - at what point is too many using a macbook with GB?

    Honestly, I am open to any type of advice about this right now as I am a techinical computer guy and musical, but not experienced at all in recording audio on any type of computer.

    Thanks in advance!

  2. casper

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    You might want to read though this guide. it is a really good staring point:


    From the above description I would look at picking up a firewire (pref) or USB audio interface with at least 2 micpreamps, some instrument level inputs, and MIDI I/O. This will allow you to connect the mics vocal or inst, connect P70 MIDI to PC to trigger sounds or virtual instruments from the PC. As for the mics getting an SM57 for the vocals may be a good start and then pickup a condensor mic later. If you like to use Garage Band verify that the Audio interface is compatible. Brands like Maudio and Presonus are cross compatible.
  3. Mckey

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    Jan 4, 2007
    yup, what he said. Also if you want to get a keyboard with the best action, stop looking at Yamaha's. They are far inferior to Kawai in action. The Kawai mp8II is the best keyboard made for that right now, and the only one with real wooden keys! But the kawai mp5 is a dummied down version of it, without wooden keys but still better than all Yamaha actions. But great action isn't gonna make it sound better, except performance wise. The Kawai keyboards sound decent on their own, but I would suggest getting a garage band expansion pack that has some nice piano sounds on it. As far as microphones go, I would suggest getting a good quality hand held condenser, for instance a Shure SM86. That will get you a better quality recording than the 57 (most likely) and its also something you can still use for live performances. I've also heard of people using it for acoustic guitars and fiddles and banjos and stuff. Theres my 2 cents, convert it to Euros and you've got nothin!
  4. Mckey

    Mckey Active Member

    Jan 4, 2007
    *Correction, that is my 2 Euros, convert it to dollars, and you've got nothing.* Point is, dollar sucks.
  5. silverspeedo

    silverspeedo Guest

    Trackion3 by mackie is very user friendly software
  6. purebloom

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    Something easily overlooked by beginners - don't forget if you decide to go with a condenser mic that most require phantom power, so make sure your audio interface provides this.
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