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  1. I'm building a small home studio (real simple, a condenssor mic, one channel mixer, booth and computer) but i dont know very much about mixing and mastering...
    i know ya moslt likely talked about this before but im new to this site...
    -whats the best program i can download for recording vocals?(i have win98 on my desktop and winME on my labtop, id rather use the desktop but if the program requires ME then its cool too) i have cool edit pro and acid pro but im not sure if i should use them.
    -in that program, whats the best way to master it or whats another program that i can download to master? what preset do i use? how do i eq?
    -how can i get the best quality from what i have? keeping in mind bugget is tight.
    if anybody can help me give me some tips id appreciate it.
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    Think about what you are asking. Recording, mixing and mastering are three completely different things. Instead of trying to jump in and do everything, start off with just one, and in your case, that should be recording.

    Now, understand that the two operating systems you have are over 5 years old. So compatibility can be an issue. Since you are just getting started, go ahead and use the programs you have. Many people got started using Cool Edit for recording. Alternatively you can try to download a free version of some other software or find a cheap older version that is compatible with your system. Cakewalk is a good company. They have been around for a while and make programs that will give you a good start into recording.

    You ask about mastering. You shouldn't even be thinking about mastering...not for a couple years at least. Learn how to record and get a good sound there. Then learn how to mix your tracks. Then once you've figured all of that out, you can begin thinking about learning how mastering works and what's required.

    Just to give you an idea about the cost of getting into mastering...most of the mastering studios represented here have spent 10's of thousands of dollars on their mastering equipment and the mastering engineers have countless hours (or even years) of experience.

    Search this forum and you'll find that at your stage, mastering is absolutely out of the realm of possibility for you.

    You also ask about presets and how to use eq. No one can answer those questions for you. They are completely subjective and depend greatly on the recording. You need to get your feet wet and get some experience first. Then you'll have more information and more well informed questions to ask.

    BTW -- there is no such thing as a one channel mixer. A mixer is a device designed to mix audio from multiple sources. There would be no need for a mixer for just one channel because there's nothing to "MIX" the one channel of audio with.
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    Check out this site:


    It'll give you the 101 lowdown on building up a home project studio. Check the right hand link column for info on recording, mixing and mastering.
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    My brother uses N-Tracks and likes it. It's inexpensive to free, and easy to use. And get more than a 1 channel mixer for the love of God! Get a Mackie VLZ Pro. Get the 1212 model, its like $300. No, I dont work for Mackie :evil: Its good bang for the old buck as they say. And read a lot about recording. Its hard :shock:

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