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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by ukuleleboy, Apr 25, 2006.

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    I want to start recording with my computer:

    I have Cakewalk Sonar 1.0... I have used it to record a mini album, but I used mainly loops and stuff and I made and edited all the sounds independantly of cakewalk... it was very limited but it worked... Computer recording strikes me as being expensive and complicated...

    However, I am thinking of doing some dance/electronic music... the kind of sounds I will be creating are similar to what you might find on a Prodigy album... I figured computer recording might be the only way to go... What would I need?

    I have a good soundcard, but not a midi one or anything like that, but I have used it to record successfully and of reasonably high quality... it is a 5.1 surround sound one with S/PDIF and stuff...

    I looked into a midi controller a while ago and I enjoyed messing around with a few demos of software, mainly concerning making the sounds for the midi controller... but since I didnt actually have a controller I couldnt really explore it properly...

    I would need some sort of drum machine software, with a load of samples, a few soft synths and stuff and thats pretty much it I reckon... is there such a thing as a software sampler? That would be cool... can I get these kinds of software off ebay for cheap?

    Could anyone give me a list of what I might need, as per what I have already said and what kind of music I want to make... can you help me out with that one.... sorry for my incesant question asking, I am trying to gain a lot of knowledge as quickly as possible...

    Thanks for everything so far, it has been very helpful... I have loads more questions, but try to start me off on the right track please...

    Also, what specification PC would be required?

    x matt x
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    There are literally thousands of options...even for someone just starting out.

    For you I would recommend getting something like Reason or FruityLoops. They are easy to use some with good sounds and cover all the basic necessities. Plus they are somewhat geared towards the music you are looking to create.

    The alternative to getting one of those involves getting some sort of sequencing sofware, then a bunch of VSTi's, where as those programs have all that ready for you to use.

    You should get a MIDI interface for your computer, either USB or via the soundcard and you'll need an external MIDI controller for playing and controlling your virtual instruments. The UNO is a cheap USB midi interface and any ole MIDE controller should be fine. I would recommend getting one with at least 5 octaves -61 keys.
  3. ukuleleboy

    ukuleleboy Guest

    So, reason has a seqeuencer built in? and drum machines and many different instrument sounds? what about bringing in samples and stuff, and external sounds, can I do that with reason?

    I found a set of instrumenrts I liked the sound of on the M-Audio site, I think they were VST instruments and were aimed at Drum N Bass music...

    Isnt a sequencer software like cakwalk more versatile than something like reason, or should I be able to do ALMOST anything with reason?

    Thanks for the help so far, keep it coming! :D

    x matt x
  4. ukuleleboy

    ukuleleboy Guest

    PS. Just a few more things:

    Well, this is what I have been looking at


    I found this:

    But I thought this might be better?

    How come there is such a difference in the number of keys?

    What do I need a midi interface for? It seems they are useful if I wanted to add any hardware midi devices into the equation, or use a guitar... but why would I need one for computer recording...

    I was thinking this for my first VST instruments... Cant I use them with the sequencer software I already have (Cakewalk Sonar 1.0)? Or should I think of upgrading the version I am using?

    The drum machines for computers, do they work in a principle like a hardware drum machine... I dont have to play the drums using my controller or anything do I? Is it possible to arrange the drums like I would say using a Roland TR machine?

    With Reason can I adjust what I have played in? I am not the greatest keyboard player in the world and I am bound to mess it up... can I play it in rough and then move the notes and things around? ANd maybe loop things too... I am just trying to figure out what these things are capable of...

    x matt x
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