What do you know about Killer Home Recording? Anyone? Yeah, me neither

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  1. Has anyone heard of Killer Home Recording? The creator of Recording Review . com wrote it. Anyways its an ebook that is wrapped around starting your own home recording business and dives in how to handle,any and everything really. He has a chunk of the ebook for free at the moment. I have read about 12-15 pages of it and its quite incredible. I didn't realize there was someone with a personality that can actually write something like this. Either way, I thought this could be helpful with some of your audio recordings. It has helped me so far.....

    Killer Home Recording: Setting Up
  2. I found a wee bit more info on youtube about this series. I think there are more videos in this guy's info, but this may help those that don't want to read the 300+ pages in Setting Up

    Killer Home recording setting up
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    Really mixed feelings about it. It is well organized and thought out. Generally, a very well constructed text. But the writing is just so godawful that I can't stand to go through it. If the style floats you boat, it may be worth it. Given the number of question we get from beginners, there is certainly a need for a series like this. Not clear that a lot of the beginners who are having trouble have the attention span to read more than a couple of paragraphs, though.

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