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What do you think my first reverb should be?

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by Paladyne, Mar 1, 2004.

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  1. Paladyne

    Paladyne Guest

    I have a soundcraft ghost and a AlesisHD24XR. I have been mixing in Protools, with the renaissance reverb as my main reverb, but that takes up quite a bit of power. I am dedicated to moving more and more torwards outboard gear. What do you think the first reverb I should be should be? At first, I think vocals deserve the best quality of reverb. $1,000>2,000 is my price range.(closer to $1,000 is better, but I am a firm beliver in "what must be done, must be done") Renaissance does not sound BAD, but I welcome the opportunity to slide over what was once used for vocals to things such as cymbols/overheads, and from hear on out to expand what I have going for me.

  2. Paladyne

    Paladyne Guest

    I do record a good amount of punk rock, metal and other LOUD kinds of music, but I also get a few bluegrass/country/folk kinds of musicians in my studio, to which I am also dedicated to high quality of sound.
  3. The Lexicon 500 is a good sounding box, but I am personally loking at either a Kurzweil Rumor or a Mangler. David
  4. AudioGaff

    AudioGaff Well-Known Member

    Feb 23, 2001
    Silicon Valley
    In the $1000 range, I guess I'd say a used Lexicon PCM90. In the under $2000 range used Lexicon PCM91, or used non LARC version M300. A new Eventide Eclipse, or new 2016 re-issue or used Eventide DSP4000/DSP4500 or used DSP7000 if your lucky. Used single engine TC M5000 can be had for as little as $1200 and they can be upgraded to 2-engines analog and digital I/O or upto 4-engines digital I/O only. I think that the DSP series Eventide's offer the most value, great sound and variety of effects as well as overall flexability. I'm a little biased towards the Eventide's because I own three of them even thou I also own the PCM91, M300, TC M5000 and several other types.
  5. Missed your price range. Look at the Kurweil KSP-8 as well. David
  6. Paladyne

    Paladyne Guest

    thanks guys!
  7. golli

    golli Active Member

    Apr 17, 2003
    Whatever you buy, be sure that it has an digital I/O and an BNC to sync. It will be more useful down the line.
  8. Skeetch

    Skeetch Guest

    Just picked up the KSP-8 and it's truly an amazing box. They pop up used on eBay periodically for around 1800 - 2000 bucks. An excellent buy IMO. Though not required, the remote for the KSP's is highly recommended.
  9. studio rat

    studio rat Guest

    IMHO I say get the Lexicon PCM-91, its a great reverb or get the TC powercore card or firewire I
    hear the Clasic verb is wonderful..And it won't eat up your CPU as much since it runs on its own DSP chip.Also, you should try out SIR convolution reverbs..there are model for all the major rerbs
    free too get the program here >>>>>


    and the hardware models here>>>>>


    everbody try these and post what you think!
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