what exactly does ram do in a daw like nuendo 2.0

Discussion in 'Computing' started by chrisperra, Aug 30, 2003.

  1. chrisperra

    chrisperra Active Member

    i wonder if anyone can tell me what ram does in nuendo 2.0? the cpu and hard drive meters are self explanitory.

    but i'm wondering if i bumped up my ram from 512 of rd to 1 gig, what this would do for me as far as performance?

    would i get better track counts? smoother automation/editing?

    i'm curious beacuse there i've found little information on the specifics of ram with daws except you need at least 256 for itto work half decenty.


    chris perra
  2. Opus2000

    Opus2000 Well-Known Member

    more RAM will help with samples and certian programs that load samples...like Steinbergs The Grans Piano...you need a minimum of 1GB to run it I believe!

    More RAM will not increase track counts in any way, nor will it truly boost your system performance. It will and can help with plug in performance, sound card buffering(helps the processor with memory caching), smoother VST support.


    Opus :D
  3. chrisperra

    chrisperra Active Member

    thanks opus.... i apreciate the info. just a few more questions..

    will it give me more plug in ability or just smother operation? also as far as editing and automation, is that my processor, hard drive or ram that is responsible for these functions? my rig runs the grand, mind you my 512 is rd ram so that might make the difference.

    chris perra
  4. chrisperra

    chrisperra Active Member

    got my extra 512 of rd ram. it makes a huge difference with anything graphical. the internet is way faster, programs open quicker,any display much smoother.

    if anyone out there is pondering getting more ram. i would highly recommend it.even if it's just to think you're computer is working faster and better.

    chris perra

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