what Fairlight had to offer at the 2001 AES show

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by stedel, Jul 3, 2002.

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    What Fairlight had to offer at the 2001 AES show
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    Hmm. I guess in the context of the title of this post we have to clearly understand just which and what sort of Dream I'm talking about here!!

    Hi Blutone....well you're always welcome here. Sometimes it's not JUST about Fairlight (if you check out saome of the previous topics you'll see what I mean).

    yeah I totally love it. I talked a bit about what I thought on the "Jitterbug" Topic here.
    I was just re-reading some earlier topics up here and came across the following statements on a previous Topic.

    "I was very interested in what Fairlight had to offer at the 2001 AES show. They looked like some very intuitive, fast, and stable systems.However there are certain things I have grown accustomed to over the years, and Fairlight has overlooked just a couple of them. The most glaring one is the ability to operate in "grid" mode referenced to bars/beats/ticks. This simple omission prevents me from
    recommending their systems to anyone who is used to working on PT. I am not just some staunch supporter of Digi-d. In fact, I would love the opportunity to support any serious competition to Digi-d. Fairlight is almost there. It certainly exceeds digi in many areas. But Fairlight has to listen to the music making community very carefully if they are serious about taking on the PT behemoth.

    Just look around, it's apparent that I'm not the only one who feels this way. Maybe if we all got together and sat on Fairlight's front doorstep, might they start to consider a more aggressive approach to this market? What do you think? "

    Because I myself had litle knowledge of Fairlight at the time, let alone touched one, I was unable to comment.
    I have simce often seen them repeated by people, here on RO and (shhh...) on other Forums. They have been put to me whenever I have posted or entered into a discussion about Fairlight. It's a bit like Groundog Day..the same sort of comments, with minor differences, repeated over and over. With all due respect to their original author - this is in no way a personal critique of the postee - I'd like to use these to explain what I myself feel about Fairlights Dream Series. I hope this is cool - absolutely no dissin' intended.

    If you're at all interested - if not..'s cool...I'll just talk to myself for a while...below on the next post.
    Kind regards

    Stedel :cool:
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    Oct 22, 2001
    There are 2 ways to deal with the grid situation.

    1. Use the IBM command=Insert Beat Marker. This allows you to create a grid nased on tempo.

    2. If you need a finer grid ie 16th notes. What i do is always record to a click synched from a sequencer. If I need a 16th note grid, I'll create a 16th note click. Record that into the Fairlight, and use the gate function. Now I have an audio clip every 16th note. I have a macro the will insert a marker at the head of each separate audio clip. Presto 16th note grid. Using that with the arrow keys to jump around makes editng a snap.

    This quite easy and quick to do.


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