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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by chrissugar, Feb 20, 2003.

  1. chrissugar

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    This is the first post at the LINUX forum and I hope we will see many interesting things here.
    I never used Linux for music but I think it has some potential.
    I will start this by asking you what type of software would you like to be implemented in Linux and which features to implement from the well known softwares from Windows and MacOS.
    Personally I would like a powerfull wave editor [the best features from Wavelab, Bias Peak, Sound Designer], a hardiskrecorder in the direction of RADAR [something stable, simple to use and not overcomplicated] and an audio/midi sequencer [the best features from Nuendo, Cubase, Logic, DP].
    What do you think?

  2. audiowkstation

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    Jun 29, 2001
    I am going to lurk here and pick up on the topics, Welcome Moderators!!!

    Should be a nice forum with a great growth curve!!!
  3. suspec57

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    Well the main thing for me as of now is to first get more support for hardware vendors. Then I can get more into this subject. I've been wanting to fully switch to linux but the thing thats been keeping me is hardware support for my current setup and or a stable platform that can give me the features of Nuendo, with the power of linux. Or if I could just have a Linux based Nuendo that would be great but what are the chances of that right? :D
  4. llornkcor

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    May 8, 2001
    Brisbane, Australia (originally Boulder, CO, USA)
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    everything and anything! WOOT! hows that for an answer?

    The ardour project looks very promising. But since I have kept track of it, the author won't release binaries untill it's Just Exactly Perfect (tm). Oh well. some sometime.. but you can always grab the source and compile iit yourself. :)

    The Jack project has potential and is interesting.
  5. curvedspace

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    my humble opinion is that a company could make some money by packaging up the linux audio software available now into a hardware & software package - an audio workstation. the reason? lots of recording people/mucisians want to plug it in and go. currently, using linux for music means compiling your own software, keeping track of updates, etc, yourself.
  6. SonOfSmawg

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    Sep 10, 2000
    curvedspace, the same could be said about any operating system, but DAWs are generally custom designed to fit peoples' needs and budget. It would be nice to have a DAW that would fill everyone's needs and fit into everyone's budget, but that's unrealistic. Perhaps in the distant future that could be the case, but we're FAR from that now. Until that time comes, or at least for now, perhaps this Forum will be the next best thing.

    The reason that this Forum came into existence is because some of us saw a need, and we're attempting to fill that need. In this forum, we hope to have enough people discussing Linux DAWs to enable Linux nOObies to learn enough about it to be able to configure, build, and use a Linux-based DAW. All in good time, of course.

    As time goes on, Linux distros will progress, Linux DAW software will progress, hardware manufacturers' support for Linux will increase (hopefully), and The RO Linux Forum will progressively accumulate a thorough database on all aspects of building, using, maintaining, troubleshooting, and expanding Linux DAWs.

    It's important that we all keep in mind that this forum will only grow in direct proportion to the participation herein. The more people who participate, and the more that each one of us participates, the faster this will grow, and the better this will be.

    All participation here is strictly voluntary, including the moderators, so we must have patience and understanding when seeking answers here. None of the Linux pros here HAVE to help anyone, but they obviously have chosen to be here because they WANT to help. So if you're a willing "student", you're sure to find willing "teachers".

    In time, like the ANUS in the RO Computing Forum, there will probably be a Linux "model" computer that participants will find works best for a Linux DAW. I also foresee that between all of the participants, we will cumulatively discover a "package" or "bundle" of software that works well for most purposes. These things will take some time, as this is a brand new forum, but logic dictates that these things will eventually happen. Once this forum is to the point where we can collectively say, "Learn this, use these components to build that, install all of this, and here are all of the drivers for all of that, and you will definately have a kick-ass, working Linux DAW", it will indeed be a GREAT day!
  7. curvedspace

    curvedspace Guest

    i'm with you, i look forward to the ongoing discussion.

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