What is best laptop / portable studio gear?

Discussion in 'Computing' started by SageK, Mar 11, 2006.

  1. SageK

    SageK Guest

    Hi Guys,

    I'm going to be living in India most of the time and will be setting up a recording / editing / production studio there. Coming back to the USA about 3 months of the year.

    What are best PC laptops for recording/editing. I use Sonar.

    Best to have an external harddrive for audio? If so, is firewire better than USB? (Now I have a desktop with 3 hard drives.)

    What are good-sounding studio monitor speakers that are not so heavy to haul around? Also, is there any decent sub-woofer that's not so heavy, or should I just use headphones to check/mix the low-end?

    What's good portable in/out interface with built-in pre-amps? I only need about 4 channels of input.

    What's a good small portable keyboard/controller?

    Thanks in advance for your ideas!

  2. Spookym15

    Spookym15 Guest

    I would go with a mac G4, i dont know if sonar works in the mac world. I hear the MOTU travler is nice or you could get the 002 rack. Go with firewire everything, the harddrive will be better as a firewire drive it is a lot faster then USB 2, but USB 2 is cheaper, so maybe if cost are a problem then got with the USB 2 hard drive. I hear that AlienWare makes some nice laptops, but sony viao is a good one to, make sure you get a gig or two of ram and has some decent processing speed. I would get some Gredo headhones because they are some of the best headphones out there. And maybe just have a small set of computer monitors just to check the mix on something other then headphones. M-Audio makes some good keyboard controllers.

    I would really check to see if the MOTU traveler will work in sonar, see what is compatible because the traveler will give you 8 I/O i think you can expand it up to 20 I/O of 24 bit 96Khz.
  3. SageK

    SageK Guest

    Thanks Spooky,

    Sonar doesn't work with MAC, so I'd get a PC, since I also have other stuff that only works with a PC.

    Which model Grado headphones are best? I've heard that the Sennheiser HD 600 or 650 headphones are really good for reference montoring.

  4. Spookym15

    Spookym15 Guest

    I heard the same thing about the Sennheiser, never heard them myself. I heard the Gredo's i think they were the 500 dollar ones and they were great. They use those at my school for critial listening or in mastering class to check your mixes. I think that as far as PC go on to like Consumer report and check out what the best lap top is just in general. I am a mac man myself but i have friends that use toshiba's to do audio on, one of my professors does symphony recordings using a toshiba and loves it.
  5. chrispick

    chrispick Guest

    MOTU Traveler is cross-platform.
  6. SageK

    SageK Guest

    Anyone want to buy my Sebatron vmp200 VU preamp? I love it, but I need to go portable with the MOTU Traveler.

    I'm going to post it on ebay pretty soon if I don't sell it.

  7. no_neck_pete

    no_neck_pete Guest


    I'm a long time laptop DAW user and I recommend that you might want to check out the Roland MV 8000 workstation as an alternative.

    You didn't really mention where your recording interests lie, but assuming that you want to combine Audio / MIDI this baby will do it all and more. I am also a Sonar user and the MV 8000 will feel very intuitive to you if you are relatively proficient with Sonar. You won't need to worry about outboard gear and compatibility issues / hard drives or anything (although it is very expandable and you can add stuff as you wish).

    Make sure you get the VGA card for mouse and monitor, (free with a new one for a limited time) and that you can use it in India.

    Price is about same as a decent laptop or you can get 'em used on ebay around 1500 - 2000. Awesome piece of gear!!!

    All you will need is a pair of powered monitors... plenty of decent ones on the market around 300 bucks... I personally like Event TR6 at 400 ish.

    Again check compatibility with India power supply.

    Good luck.

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