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  1. anonymous

    anonymous Guests

    Feb 10, 2001
    OK perhaps it's Madonna's nickname, but seriously what is MADI?

    And what about that Euphonics box that connects everything to everything? How can it 'pretend to be a Digidesign interface"? Is that MADI too?

    This is some serious digital $*^t, but still, we ARE talking about hardware boxes!

    Who needs MADI?


  2. wave

    wave Guest

    MADI is a transfer format designedabout 12 years ago to transfer between digital multitraks.I think
    was designed between neve,mitsubishi,sony and otari [multichannel audio digital interface]
  3. mwagener

    mwagener Active Member

    Apr 14, 2001
    Nashville, TN

    MADI is a multichannel digital format which carries 56 channels of digital 24 bit/48K or 28 channels of 24bit/96K on a single 75 Ohm BNC cable. It's being used by Euphonix, Studer and few other manufacturers to interconnect their converters/preamps to the console etc.

    The box you are talking about is a Euphonix FC727 format converter, which converts MADI to a bunch of other formats. It has 7 x 8 channels of conversion (56 total) and hooks up direct to protools (with the appropriate cable adapter, no 888 needed), TDIF-1, SDIF-2 (SONY 3348), ADAT optical and ProDigi (Otari, Mitsubishi) one format at a time plus AES at all times. The box is quite expensive ($ 13,000 plus adapter cables, I think).

    I use it to interface my Euphonix R-1 to the SONY DMX consoles. SONY is going to release a MADI card at which point I can hook up all 48 channels with one cable and it frees up the other digital inputs on the boards for use with digital FX etc..

    I'm not sure where Madonna fits into the equasion, but maybe she owns Euphonix by now too. :D
  4. anonymous

    anonymous Guests

    Feb 10, 2001
    Thanks VERY MUCH guys!
    :) :)
  5. willstg

    willstg Guest


    If you're at AES, Randy Ezratty's Effanel remote truck should be there, you might want to check it out. I believe they use MADI to connect their on stage mic pres, Neve Capricorn, and Sony 3348's. They also have a Capricorn at their studio andProtools, I imagine they are using MADI there as well.

  6. anonymous

    anonymous Guests

    Feb 10, 2001
    Cool tip!


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