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    Beside using your computer for your recording needs only, is there anything else that can be done to boost performance? I currently have a Mac but thinking of switching to PC. Would uninstalling all apps such as the iLife group, internet connect, apple works, etc. improve my audio app's performance and stability? How about for PC? Basically wondering how "bare bones" one can/should go to have a truly dedicated audio machine?


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    Aug 15, 2003
    On the mac side, uninstalling apps won't give you any better performance. However things like network access (including internet) are a steady drain on resources (same on the PC side) but even that is not a big loss in power. Run terminal and type in 'top' it'll show you every process that is currently running, virtual memory access, definitely good stuff to know, that'll tell you what is draining your power.

    On the mac side, the best things you can do are keep the hard drive defragmented, and stuff it with RAM. On OS 9, you also have to make sure your extensions are optimized. On OS X, you will want to repair permissions frequently.

    Keeping a good maintenance regimen will not boost speed, but it will keep your computer's performance from deteriorating over time. I use TechTool Pro. Its worth its weight in gold. There's a lot of info over at osxaudio.com.

    On the PC side, its basically the same thing, except that most windows installers fiddle with the registry, and over time, installing and uninstalling apps can have a detrimental effect. So my advice would be not to install a bunch of apps.


    THanks MJones4th - much appreciated. I'll check out that site. I need to start learning more about my machine, that's for sure.
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    If you end up buying a PC you need do nothing more than buy a relatively modern machine. These days it's very hard to tax a modern PC's resources. I always recomend a seperate HD for temp audio files though. Preferably on a fast HD.
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