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Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by cocheese, Mar 1, 2005.

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    I am getting back into recording after a many-year hiatus. The last setup that I used extensively was a dual blackaface ADAT rig...back when they just came out.

    I am wanting to get back into recording and I'm somewhat blinded by all of the options out there as far as computer-based recording. I only need to record a couple of tracks at a time and don't need any midi capabilities. I mainly record acoustic and electric guitars with some vocals. I plan on using a Drumcore type program to do drums. Bass I'll record direct.

    I am trying to focus on getting a nice sounding system which I can build on over time, but by no means a pro level rig. I don't need extensive editing and plug-in capabilities. I want it to sound good...at least better than the Mbox that I tried to use about a year and a half ago. (I just couldn't get over the latency and how streile it sounded.)

    I've been doing some research, but some of my dangling questions are:

    Do I need a dedicated PC for recording? If so, how should I spec it out?

    Which software package?

    What sound card or A/D D/A converter?

    What preamp?

    What mics?

    My initial reaction is that I do need a dedicated PC. Samplitude Classic will probably be my software package. I've been looking at either the Lynx or the Lavry Blue for converters. The preamps I've consdiered are both the FMR RNP and the Great River 1-NV. The mics would be Beta 57's (I have them), AKG-414 & Neumann U87 (already have those), as well as an E609.

    Any and all help will be GREATLY appreciated on this. Thanks. :)
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