What size monitors for nearfields? 8" too big?

Discussion in 'Monitoring' started by JLiRD808, Oct 10, 2010.

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    Ive had 8" BX8a M-audio's for about 3 years now and theyre about 3' from my normal mixing position. My mixes dont translate well..the pic below shows now acoustic treatment behind the monitors but there is some there now and throught the room.


    Ive seen this type of desktop project studio setup before and have been thinking about investing in higher end 8" monitors like Yamaha HS80ms or HR824s but a moderately successful producer was over at my place a few nites ago and recommended I just go with 6" speakers like the KRK Rokit6's. He said with the distance Im sitting from the monitors that I don't need anything bigger than 6"s.

    What do u guys think...I mix/produce reggae, rock, and some hip-hop. I love bass but I dont go crazy with it. I do want it to be controlled though and not overwhelming and definitely not confusing my mixes.

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    I would tend to agree. Most of the budget to midrange monitors are muddy at the 8" size. 5-6" is better all around in my opinion for nearfields.
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