What software am I looking for?

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by nickcherryjiggz, Apr 21, 2007.

  1. I've been using Cool Edit Pro/Adobe Audition for a few years now to record my musical projects, but I think I would like to expand my arsenal. What I'm looking for is a program that will allow me to enter in a composition/score, have a good bit of control over how the notes are played (velocity, rhythmic stylization, etc.), be able to run the music through a variety of high quality, preferably downloadable instrument emulators (I'm at a loss for the terminology right now), and output to a wav or aiff file. I've used Finale/PrintMusic before, and I would like something similar to that in the way it takes in the score. The previously mentioned program, however, doesn't come with very flattering instruments emulations and just doesn't seem like it's built to be exporting music used for a recording. I don't have many requirements as far as mixing, looping, effects, etc. Most of the time, I'll just mixdown a wav/aiff file and throw it into Audition to incorporate with the rest of the song. Any suggestions on a program that would suit my needs?

    Thanks for any responses.
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    What you may need is a good MIDI sequencing program, like Cubase or Sonar. You can use their basic notation/score stuff, or you could use something like Finale to create the MIDI score, and export the MIDI to one of those programs.

    The CoolEdit/Audition is more of an audio program. In a MIDI sequencing program, you can have your MIDI tracks trigger and control a lot of stuff. You can have them play WAV samples in a MIDI soundcard/module, play virtual instruments, and do a lot of automation stuff.

    They both also do digital audio, and you can use effects in them much like you do in CoolEdit/Audition. Of course, you can also export WAV files from one to the other to tweak if you find one does something the other doesn't. So, you can make use of all of them. You can even use some looping functions to throw into the mix, if you wish.

    I THINK this may be what you are looking for, from your post.

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    May 11, 2006
    another thing you might want to check into is called VSTI's stands for virtual studio technology/instruments... vst's came from steinberger and were initially fx... they then adapted it to include instruments... esentially it's a midi track that allows you to controll an instrument inside the computer... personally i dont use cooledit so i cant say to what degree they support the standard...
  4. Thanks a lot! I'll check into everything you guys have mentioned.
  5. Hi, I'd just like to add samplitude to the list of sequencers to try. I myself love it and couldn't believe i found a sequencer that still had a demo version!!!

    So yeah, ceck out the samplitude demo, see if it does it for you!
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