What software base to go with?

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by Drizzt, Feb 15, 2005.

  1. Drizzt

    Drizzt Guest

    Well I had some help with teh DAW setup and when it arrives I will have a:
    P4 3.0
    1.0 GB DDR2
    WD Raptor 74 GB 10k SATA System Drive
    160 GB SATA Data Drive
    E-MU 1820M
    Nvidia Quattro NVS4 /w dual 17" LCD

    I have used Reason and ACID for years but i think it may be tiem to go a little more advanced. I have read many good thigns about Cubase, Logic, PT, etc. BUt i'm not sure which way to go.

    I tihnk PT would be a whole new investment and I have already sepnt plenty towards hardware. With logic I would have to try and find 5.5 since mac took it over.

    a few of the other options i have seen ot tried are Sonar, Orion, Samplitude, the many variations of cubase as well as nuendo. SO I am looking for some feedback on what would be a good route to take. I am willign to soend 500-1000 if it is really worth it. I can pickup SX3 for around $380.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. midimine

    midimine Guest

    Dear Drizzt,

    It all come down to the soundcard you have. The best is to take a look for how well your soundcard works on the forums of steinberg, samplitude and cakewalk. Perhaps also ask around on the Emu Forum what program gives the best performance. The specifications of the computer will not be the problem :cool:

    Kind regards 8)
  3. Drizzt

    Drizzt Guest

    Well, i don't know if sound card performance is the biggest variable here. I would be interested in hearing of what would be the best combination of features, ease of use, functionality and then form there work on compatability and such.
  4. johndale

    johndale Guest

    I am very partail to Sonar, have been for years. Easiest to get results and works with most products on the market. Also their support is some of the best out there And yes Ive tried the others and given them a fair shake. I am serious about DAW recording and want to use the best...........................JDW
  5. DaveRunyan

    DaveRunyan Active Member

    Dec 13, 2004
    Sonar 4 producer is what I use and I love it. Very stable with my system and as easy as it is to use I can't imagine outgrowing it anytime soon.
  6. ghellquist

    ghellquist Member

    May 25, 2004
    In that case I recommend Microsoft Excel. Sorry, but could you elaborate a bit on what yout want to do with the software? It might have an effect on your choice. Just to make an example, if you want to perform live, the program Live is probably your choice. If you primarily want to record classical music, I believe that the two main choices are Sequioa or the smaller Samplitude, or perhaps SAW studio.

  7. mcmilliron

    mcmilliron Guest

    I love Cubase sx 2.0 and a good friend of mine has recently switched over to Cubase from Sonar. He swears that his Cubase tracks sound better than his Sonar tracks. it is possible that he may just be a experiencing a placebo effect.

    I also read over at the cubase forums that sx 3.0 sucks

    hope this helps
  8. Drizzt

    Drizzt Guest

    Really i am looking into an easy to use VST host with good sound.

    I have been toying arounf with demos for quite a few of the ones out there. Recently I was playign around with orion and I really liked the setup of it. Was easy to get into and go.

    Most if not all of my music will be midi or sample based. Eventually I am throw in some sound form outside cources but for now I'll stick to sampels and midi.

    I think i need ot take a week off from work to sit down and really get into all of these and see which one can work for me.
  9. midimine

    midimine Guest

    Don't forget Storm (Arturia), Live (Ableton) and Project 5 (cakewalk).
    They all have a demo on there site :cool:
    Midi and samples can be done by all three 8)
  10. mcmilliron

    mcmilliron Guest

    if your planning on using it just for midi I'd stay away from Cubase.
    Everyone complains about Cubase midi.
  11. Drizzt

    Drizzt Guest

    lol really? Isn't VST supposed to be Cubase's baby? Well i'll at least play aorund with it and see how it works.
  12. anonymous

    anonymous Guests

    Feb 10, 2001
    Cubase SX has the best in the way of VST/Midi functions.

    i used to favor Sonar for this but no longer.
    Sonar has more template support for outboard gear but SX is far better in function

    FYI Samp 8 has had a major overhaul in this area as well.
    just not had enough time with it yet but looks promising


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