What standard for mastering?

Discussion in 'Mastering' started by pedalsteelman, Nov 21, 2007.

  1. I haven't had time to search this subject here, but what is the prefered standard to send mixes to a mastring studio on cdr?
    I have a fostex writer and have lots of options. The mastering studio that I am using has suggested that I burn them at 88.2/24 bit.
    Is there any advantage to this higher sample rate?
    The reason I ask is because I sent them a sample disc and they can't read it fully. It only plays half way through.
    I may resort to mixing all the tracks and taking my masters and the machine down to the studio and taking the digital out to their system.
    Bear in mind that I am mixing from 24 track analog tape, so it is analog up until this point.
    Having done some tests. I can't hear the difference from burning at 44.1/24 bit. and even the cda standard sounds good to me.
    Any advice?
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    Are you talking about sending the data as files or as CD audio (.cda)? You didn't say which mastering studio you are using, but the ones I deal with always take data as files. I zip the files, not for space reasons but to get an extra level of checksumming. I send them two copies burnt on different burners. For long pieces (symphonic movements etc) that generate files greater than 700MB I burn to data DVDs.
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    CDDA is a nono for mastering.
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    If you're comfortable at 44.1/24 (as you darn well should be) then go with that. If they want to upsample for anti-aliasing issues, they can.

    44.1/24 is more than wonderful. 88.2 is fine also. If you have the slightest "distrust" in capturing/writing 88.2, 44.1 is absolutely fine.
  5. Thanks for that info Massive. I forgot to say that these are wav files that I am burning.
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