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  1. Is there any way to test the stability of a digital clock? I assume, simply because it sounds better and cost more, that the clock in my Finalizer is better than the clock in my MOTU 828. Will I get better sound out of the motu's converters by setting the finalizer as the master clock? Will there be any sync problems if I record with the finalizer as the master clock and then switch to the motu as the master clock? Or are the diferences too small to worry about? I'm still a little lost when it comes to sync'ing digital stuff in general. Any info especially on the details of syncronization methods and how they communicate would be great. Thanks guys.
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    Come on, someone must have a good answer. I know you're probabally scoffing at the idea of trying to improve (however minimal) the sound of cheap converters, but surely this plays a role in the accuracy of the the conversion. I mean if it isn't important why do apogee digidesign motu and others make dedicated clocks? Why would walter sear be commenting on his temperature controlled clock (in a recent tape op) Does no one really know the answer or would it just take too darn long to explain it?
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    Yes, there is a way to check the stability..for more info go to http://www.audioprecision.com/.

    No. Just a sound quality issue (if any). The best thing for you to do is basically do an a/b test to see which sounds best to you (one test w/motu as master clock, other test with the Finalizer as the master clock). Who knows? Maybe the Motu has the better clock. I am not familiar with how the MOTU 828 and how it sounds so my first inclination is to first try the crystal in the Finalizer as my master clock. Just keep one as the master clock at all times and the other as a back up if something fails.
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    Wow, Thanks. Audio Precision has some really nice equipment that I'd never seen before. Do you know anyone with this kind of equipment or do you know of any published findings on popular soundcards? It would be interesting to put independent test results up against the manufacturer's claims.
    I've been recording through the finalizer's A/D and out the adat to the motu but it's only been one or two mics at a time. I'm getting ready to record some drum tracks and I just wanted to make sure I could leave the finalizer as the master clock while using the motu's converters in conjunction with the finalizers'. Do you think there would be any delay on the finalizer's inputs compared to the motu's inputs? once digital in the finalizer are there any more conversions that take place in sending it via adat? does any of this matter?

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