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    Ahh I hate asking this, it seems like the question of the day. I m usually extremely decisive in my gear purchases but I'm in a tuff spot. I'm really happy with the gear I have now but there is definately room for improvement to get " the sound." Where I'm at right now I'll prob only be able to make 1 more large purchase for the time being. I'm just starting out so all aspects of my equipment are lacking. I'mm trying to decide what would improve my sound more. A new preamp or new mics. As far as pre's all I have is the pre's in my fireface 800 and my mg yamaha mixer. Which I've been very impressed with the results I've gotten so far. My mic list is as follows.
    shure sm57 (duh)
    sennheiser 421 (duh again)
    shure sm7 ( should be duh)
    shure sm 81
    cad e100
    mxl 2001
    groove tubes md5sm (large diaphram condenser if you don't know)
    akg d880 x3 ( only use for toms for which they work well)
    sm58 x2 (this mic works when nothing else does)

    Anyway as you can see I dont really have anything I can use for a good stereo pair, which is why I'm leaning towards the mics. It's basically between a pair of rode k2's or a vintech 473 preamp. I don't think I'd be sad either way. I've seen plenty of people say barnd x awesome pre made even my cheapest mics sound awesome, but of course good mics are good mics. Plus I really fell like I need a good stereo pair. Although the mxl and gt mic have been serving me well as drum overheads. Anyway thanks for your advice.
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