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    What to buy??
    Hi all!

    I'm going to build a new home studio setup this summer and I need some advice from you. I'm going to use the studio for songwriting, demo recording/mixing, pre-production and smaller mix projects.

    What I have:

    - Midiman MIDI-interface
    - Fostex D2424LV
    - Neve micpre
    - U87 mic (and some other mics too)
    - Audix monitors

    What I want:

    - To connect my D2424 (ADAT) to the computer for editing and mixing
    - 2 (or more) analog I/O
    - I'm going to use Logic Audio as software.

    What I'm going to buy (my budget will be about 2500€)

    Option 1: (about 2600€)

    - Powermac G4/1GHz/512MB/60GB/USB/Firewire800 - 1700€
    - RME Hammerfall (3 ADAT I/O, WC, SPDIF) - 500€
    - Some AD/DA converter from SPDIF to stereo analog - 350€

    How does the RME cards work with MAC? The Hammerfall would fit my d2424 perfectly. Too bad it doesn't have analog I/O.

    Option 2: (about 2750€)

    - Powermac G4/1GHz/512MB/60GB/USB/Firewire800 - 1700€
    - MOTU 828 (8 analog I/O, ADAT I/O) sync??? - 950€

    Only 1 ADAT I/O so it isn't maybe the perfect solution for working with my d2424.

    Option 3: (about 2300€)

    - Powermac G4/1GHz/512MB/60GB/USB/Firewire800 - 1700€
    - M-box (2 analog I/O, SPDIF I/O) - 599€

    No good with the d2424. Does the M-box work with Logic? Can I have both an M-box and a Hammerfall simulaneously?

    These are the different soultions I've been looking at but I'm open for other suggestions. I'm not even sure I want to buy a MAC, but since I'm a proffessional recording engineer I would be about the only one who's working on PC. Besides, I want to work in Logic, since it's compatible with ProTools, and Logic does not support PC anymore.

    Plese give me your suggestions on this. I really need your help.

    Thank you for reading this!

  2. Tore Nylund

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    Hej Anders!
    Well... for that kind of money you will get much more power buying a PC.
    I have built a great PC ( guided by OPUS)
    I use RME Hammerfall LE and my ADAT with it.
    Alesis AI3- DA/DA converter. I run Cubase SX on it... Hammerfall is a great soundcard.
    I also work with my band in a "Mac-studio" ( both Logic and Pro Tools.... and I have no problem at all working songs on both platforms.
    We just bounce the tracks to Aiff... burn them on CD's and I can continue to work with the songs on my PC-DAW... The only thing is that we have to do the mix in one system ( we do it in Pro Tools )...
    but for recording and adding effects and so on... it's very good.
    Good Luck

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