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    hi everyone
    first post.

    was googlin for info on the empirical labs fatso and came across this site. l
    just wondering if anyone would be so kind as to share their wisdom with me on a conundrum!

    i run a small studio in manchester. i produce mainly punk, rock, metal, ska etc... loud stuff with guitars.
    i generally cater for young, unsigned bands in the north of england... who can't afford to go to bigger studios! although i'm slowly improving my setup as my ears develop, so i can work with better bands and get better results generally. anyway...

    my setup is basically..

    phil rees audio pc with uad.
    motu 828
    cubase sx3
    focusrite octopre with digicard (although mainly use the analogs. prefer motu converters)
    amek 9098
    avalon 747 sp
    joemeek sc2 (copy)
    soundcraft m12
    alesis m1 mk2s
    genelec 8040s
    sm58,57 etc.
    beyer m201
    sh 421
    akg d112, 418s
    josephson c42 x 2
    akg 414

    i'm thinking of spending about £2500 in the next few months. i'd really like a empirical labs fatso. but am also considering getting an api 3124 (4 channels).. i think the fatso would really help me get the sounds i'm after.. but are my pres up to it? would i benefit more from getting better pres first.. and then the fatso later?

    i feel i mainly need to improve the sound of my snare, overheads and vocals.
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