What to use for Portable/in studio recording???

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by slowjett, Feb 8, 2005.

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    Well ok. I dont want to go much past the 500 dollar range. I want to be able to record into my Latop for live shows or home use, and use the same system in my studio on my larger computer to record bands. So I require either USB or Firewire interface. I dont want to get a system that requires a proprietary pcmcia or pci card, becuase I want to be able to hook it up to anything. Thats why I bit my lip and passed on a Layla 24 w/ pcmcia for $275 Also I want to avoid bringing a sub mixer to shows for 1-2 mic applications.

    I will be useing PC's not macs.

    Anyway I really want the best sound, possable. Heres what I've been looking at. My pro's and cons for each.


    Presonus Firestation:
    2 XLR with switchable (on/off) true tube preamps, good reviews on the sound.
    8 inputs/outs overall
    Reasonable price
    Rack Mountable
    ADAT Compatble
    Can daisy chain several units together for up to 40 channels. (Can you do this with others too?)

    48khz Max recording.
    I see compatability problems with MAC's. Not an issue with PC's though


    Presonus Firepod:
    8 XLR / 1/4 inputs w/ pre amps (Non tube)
    96khz Recording
    Rack Mountable
    ADAT Compatble

    No Tube Pre amps
    Mopre Expensive


    Edirol FA-101
    10 Channels (2 XRL 8 1/4)
    Pre amps for chan 1 and 2
    96khz (10x10 mode) 192khz (stereo)
    Smaller portable

    Not expandable
    Low latency instead of zero latency
    not rackmountable (I could make it work though)


    I really do like the preamps in the Firestation, but It only records at 48k max and I would want to use this for my pro studio also.. How big of an issue is this?

    What are your thoughts on the best device for my needs?

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