What to use to record wooden flute?

Discussion in 'Woodwinds' started by joss, Mar 4, 2005.

  1. joss

    joss Guest

    Complete rookie Q here. Sorry if it tests anyone's patience...

    I play a wooden flute, Irish style. I need to record myself for practise use. Now none of my domestic recording equipment can record what I'm playing without horrible distortion that makes it hard to work out what's going on in the upper register, let alone examine the finer points of the ornamentation. The tone is also quite breathy, which doesn't help.

    Any ideas about what I can use to record myself and hear it back for as few bucks as possible? Ideally I'd like to use my PC, but open to any suggestions... Hardly a pro question. Sorry folks, I'll make up for it with a puppy-like gratitude.
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