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    After months of wrestling with toontrack superior 2 and cubase ive decided to give in and finally buy a new computer. Could someone please tell me what kind of reasonally priced computer I should get that kind handle just that, A cpu eating vst like superior 2 and running bunch of vsts on different tracks? Specs that is

    I have been thinking of getting an Imac but hoping that i can still stay within the pc realm.

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    If you are looking for specs on DAW computers I would start at the Digidesign website. They seem to be the pickiest regarding compatibility. Basically if it works for them it will work for most DAWs. Second, go to the Cubase website and check for compatibility issues for Cubase and various hardware/DAWs.

    Some general guidlines:
    -Stay away from anything marked Celeron. These are not robust CPU's no matter how attractive the price.
    -If you are using a DAW that is VST or VSTi intensive then you need to maximize your RAM which on a 32 bit operating system is technically 3 gigs. To actively utilize larger amounts of RAM you will need to use a 64 bit OS with a compatible 64 bit DAW engine.
    -make sure you have either an independent internal hard drive for audio recording or 7200 RPM external drive(s).
    -Make sure that your interface is supported by whatever DAW you choose and of course the OS you choose.
    -Many mainstream pc's (Dell, HP, etc) can be used successfully for audio but not all. The inherent latency of any given model is up for grabs. If you buy something with bad motherboard latency nothing you will do will make it better.
    -If this is to be an audio only computer and you are not a techie type at all you might be better off purchasing an audio computer built by a specialty company.

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