What's going rate 4 producing Karaoke tracks for a company?

Discussion in 'Production' started by gilbert, Jul 13, 2005.

  1. gilbert

    gilbert Guest


    I've been offered some freelance work producing Karaoke tracks for a company down here in Australia.

    I've not done this work for a company before. They're keen, but keep asking me what I want to charge per track.

    These tracks are required to be fully produced to a high level (I get them as close as possible to the original), with backing vocals, and post-mastered finished product quality. I don't think I'm required to add the cdg part, just supply the music.

    It takes me about two-three days to complete each track.

    Is anyone able to tell me what the going rate per track is for this kind of work (please say what currency you are referring to)?

    I just want to make sure that I'm not gonna get shafted, because they probably realise that I'm green.


    Shaun Thomson
  2. gilbert

    gilbert Guest

    Anyone got any info on this?

  3. britbrian

    britbrian Guest

    I'm not sure that the question is 'what is the going rate for karaoke tracks', as much as 'what's your going rate per hour or day'?
    It doesn't matter what the end product is, you should be charging for your time. If it takes you two days, then what's your rate for 2 days?
    Obviously, if this gig is likely to turn into something repeatable, then you can discuss a bulk discount for future tracks.
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