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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by sorrowthief, Nov 10, 2003.

  1. sorrowthief

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    Hello again. Well I got Sonar 3 and an Ardvark q10 for my home studio. My question is this. Now that I got this, and being someone who is totally new to recording.... What should be the next thing in a list of stuff that I should get next for better sounding recordings. Do I need to invest in some plugins, or an outboard compressor. What at this stage will make my recordings sound better. So if you had my set up what would u buy next. I got some money to spend (granted not a whole lot) and Its killing me. But I have no clue what I need next. I dont want to buy something and then find out another thing would have benefited me more. Thanks a lot!
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    good mics
    find good mics that correspond to the instruments you want to record. you will then have all you need to get a good recording. After that, if you still have money left, i would suggest to buy an outboard preamp because the q10 does not have professionnal preamps. but that stuff gets really expensive...anyways, start by buying good mics.
  3. sorrowthief

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    Hmmm? I feel that I have some decent mics already but I was under the impression that the q10 had really nice pre's in it. I did a lot of research on here before I made the choice to buy it. Although I have nothing else to compare it to it seems really hot and gives a real natural sound to my vocals when I sing. You dont think a compressor would benifit me more or some other type of gear. I heard that the effects and such that ship with sonar 3 weren't that good? So perhaps the plugins would be a good investment? I guess what Im saying is I think im very happy with the q10 and didnt expect to buy another pre. So other than some mics and a new pre what should I invest my money in?
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    accurate monitoring...

  5. sorrowthief

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    What do you think of Alesis M1 active monitors? I can get those on a real good deal from a friend.
  6. They aren't bad, in my opinion. Actually I've found them to be pretty reliable once you learn how to handle the low end. That kinda' applies to any near field monitor though.

    A friend of mine has a pair and I have to say that once you learn the speakers they work rather well.

    I like those Yamaha msp-1's also (I could have that model number wrong... someone will correct me If so I hope...).

    The hafler trm-8's are kinda' cool, but seemed a little underpowered for me and it seemed that I needed to get farther away from them than I liked in order to get an accurate representation of the bottom end. could very well have been the room though.

    Until I get ready to spend some big bucks I've found I can work with almost anything (having an accurate pair of headphones to supplement for those times when you need to spot specifics) once I figure out how the speakers react.

    In my opinion it is more important to match the speakers with the space you are working in. In my case I have absolutely no acoustic treatment and just a personal work space here at the house. For me it was better to have something that didn't react with the room much (meaning as accurate as possible within close proximity at a reasonable monitoring level).

    I've picked out a single faint cat meow in a full mix on my friend's m1's... had to rewind and play for him a half a dozen times and drop a marker before he believed me... but the speakers worked fine for me...

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