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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by Velin, Dec 8, 2002.

  1. Velin

    Velin Guest

    I was getting a few items and it's been a while since I've kept up with some of the new equipment out there so I was just wondering what you guys think of the following:

    Sennheiser e845 3-pack mics

    I have no experience with these mics. I just trust Sennheiser but I know that may backfire. The mics need to be pretty much all purpose. They'll be used for foley work, vocals, instruments and on camera for television so all black would be somewhat preferrable instead of the SM58 chrome ball type, aside from good specs/sound. Any advice or uggestions would really be appreciated.

    Yamaha MSP5 monitors

    Kind of lost with this. What do studios like these days monitor-wise. These will be used for serious project recording with a Digi002 and also digital video editing for broadcast TV. Alternate thoughts were the Hafler and Roland. I'm really curious about what the 'standard' is these days on good near field monitors. They need to be high quality but not over $800. If I can find something around the Yamaha price it would work. This is assuming the Yamahas are not so hot in comparison. They seemed ok when I took a short listen at the store.

    Fostex T50RP headphones

    Already got the headphones but can exchange them if need be. They don't seem to have much high end reproduction although they're Fostex's "flagship" model. Does anyone have experience with the T40? Wondering how well these new T50's are being accepted in the industry.

    Also getting AKG 240DF and Sony MDR7509 headphones. I'm reasonably familiar with the sound on these. Lastly Digi 002 but I guess not too many people can give feedback on that yet since Digi has had problems with fulfillment.

    Thanks in advance for anything you have to say about this.
  2. Sonic dB

    Sonic dB Guest

    I cant give you much...other than my opinion because I dont own that gear. So...the following is mostly theory, conjecture, speculation, innuendo (in Nuendo?) and some BS probably too:

    Senheiser mics - good sounding, quality mics. Sound like a good plan for an inexpensive set of dynamics...like you said something about "trusting" them.

    Yamaha monitors - I never liked NS10s at all and never understood the theory of why I had to listen to my mix on $*^t (NS10s), in order to get it to "sound right"...but they found their way into thousands of recording studios all around the world.

    I never heard the MSP5 and cant tell you a thing about them, range or usage. Personally, I use the Event PS6, which are pretty good and cost about $550. They are slightly bright in the midrange and dont have a pronounced bass effect. I guess Im happy with them, as they serve as an accurate guage for my sound. I like the KRKs in that price range too. Im not a big fan of the Alesis or the Rolands in that price range.

    Fostex headphones are most likely fine. I would look for a closed-ear headphone for accurate monitoring. I use Sonys and have used AKGs often in the past.
  3. Velin

    Velin Guest

    I think the Fostex's sound too muddy. I don't know how they compare to the T40. I thought I'd go for the JBL LSR25P but according to the dealer they're discontinued. I have no idea why because they're still listed as current models on JBL's site. If they're not available anymore I might try the Mackie HR624 but the price on those is a big difference.

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