When is a DAW a DAW

Discussion in 'Computing' started by beyarecords, Feb 18, 2005.

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    so you can record audio and instantiate a couple of plugins, but your application can't master your work, author to dvd|cd (red book), doesn't handle many of the formats required to enable work between different paltforms, is it a true DAW?
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    The term DAW is really more of a concept than a specific feature list your rig has to conform to.

    A few years ago I suggested to friend a mine that he should throw in a few extra apps in order to more on the same computer. ..Like CD burning and conversion between various formats etc. etc. All he had in there was PT and some plugins. His answer was.."ARE YOU MAD! THIS IS MY DAW"

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    DAW: Digital Audio Workstation

    When a DAW is a DAW?

    When it's digital
    When it's for audio
    When you work on it for at least 8 hours a day.

    Let's for a moment forget the DAW concept and let's start just appreciating the features, the sound and the ergonomics of some workstations.

    The first DAWs had more features (strange eh?) than Pro Tools and many other ones.
    NED, Synclavier and WaveFrame were so advanced (i.e.NED had 0 latency, 100 kHz sampling, 192 voices and the most powerful FM synth!) that they are still interesting today, especially the Synclavier II.

    I think that as long as a workstations has following features, it can be named a DAW

    - digital audio recording and editing
    - digital audio mixing with processing
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