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    I play guitar. I love playing guitar, and I've been writing my own songs for months. I guess this is a very vague question but if I wanted to record a song, where do I start? I have the guitar, that's about it. What equiptment do I need? What websites do I need to go to. I don't know anything.
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    Hi and welcome!

    Are you talking about acoustic steel-string guitar, or electric guitar, or any other variant? Do you always sing and play at the same time or could you split these two operations, i.e. record the guitar part then sing the song while listening to your guitar accompaniment on headphones? Does your guitar have a built-in pickup?

    You must have computer access because you typed the question on this forum, but could you use this computer for recording and editing the sounds? Do you have a good non-echoey room you could use for recording in?

    There are lots of ways of approaching this, but you could do a lot worse than look at the Zoom H4N recorder and a good pair of closed-back headphones. The H4N can record on to its own memory card or can act as an interface to your computer.

    Big question: how much are you prepared to spend on equipment?
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    There is a solution (almost) for every budget. I would suggest to start with few things, not to buy expensive stuff, just to learn the basics.

    I think you will need at least a mic, a computer and an audio interface with input(s). Then there are many free recording software, I suggest you to start with Audacity which is free, easy and multiplatform.

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