Where is Sdevino?

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by eddies880, Jun 7, 2005.

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  1. eddies880

    eddies880 Guest

    Just a thought-------------------where,s Sdevino?.
    Long time no hear?
  2. audiokid

    audiokid Chris Staff

    Mar 20, 2000
    BC, Canada
    Home Page:
    He agreed to do a workshop in our new protools forum and then just disapeared. vanished...

    Like us all, busy lives but will most likely return when things slow down or get caught up. RO doesn't have the funds to pay our mods so we're lucky to have them all here.
  3. eddies880

    eddies880 Guest

    Roger that-----------------The last time I mailed him,was when we did a transaction,just wanted to thank him for my Seb.

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