Where's a Good Place to Get Free Patches/Effects/Samples?

Discussion in 'Synths / Samplers & VSTi' started by rbf738, Apr 20, 2009.

  1. rbf738

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    Dec 11, 2008
    Whatever they're called, I'm recording straight in so I want realistic guitar sounds (both lead and rhythm) as well as decent sounding drums and synths, the whole package basically. Is there anywhere to download decent free ones?
  2. ahavill

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    I think it would be great if anyone who likes having a large sample database could add something in here...KVR is a great website to keep up with news & updates, but they have a lot of resources as well, such as a huge library of free stuff:

    link removed

    Word of caution: depending on how you intend to use "free" samples, you can get into copyright trouble. Many people don't read the fine print even on commercially released sample CDs-- it is possible, for example, to make a hit song using a loop from a sample CD you bought at Guitar Center, and be sued.

    Speaking of loops is that what you're talking about? Or you mean, a guitar sound in a plug-in that you play using a MIDI keyboard?
  3. rbf738

    rbf738 Active Member

    Dec 11, 2008
    Thanks for the link. Anyone else?

    I'm looking for plug ins (I suppose) which produce different tones for my guitar when I'm recording straight in with my guitar. I have no midi keyboard so for drums and anything piano sound related I just use my laptop's keyboard, so I want different plug ins for drum tones as well as synthesizer sounds.
  4. ZebraThief

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    video from Audix
    Peavey's Revalver:
    Waves GTR3:
    NI's Guitar Rig:

    Not free. :( Not sure where to get free guitar amp modeling software. I really like Peavey's revalver, but I've never used GTR3. My roommate has amplitube, it's pretty thick sounding, but not very genuine, at least with the tones he works up.
  5. hueseph

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    Oct 31, 2005
    Vancouver, BC, Canada
    Fretted Synth
    Recording.org already has a thread on this topic.

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