Where's a good place to rent microphones?

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by bobbo, Jun 4, 2012.

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    Dec 11, 2004
    I own a fair share of great dynamics, and a few mid level condensers. I want to be able to try many mics for different sessions/sources. I'm not trying to take out a 10k loan to buy 5 mics, which is why I'm seeing if there is a great rental option to try the various exotic/boutique mics out there, plus give different colors to my sessions. I'm weary about purchasing high end mics because I bought a blue blueberry a few years ago for $1000, and it wasn't worth more than $100 in my opinion, I even had a singer that had tracked vocals numerous times on my studio projects c1 and then the blue berry and he could tell the difference, and his opinion was he wanted to not use the blueberry, I know they don't work on all sources, which is why I'd rather rent a mic than pay a lot of money for one trick ponies. I'm interested mostly in the Mojave's, Telefunken, Gefell. Thanks in advance for information on mic rental services that will ship, since I don't live in LA or Nashville to easily pick it up for a session.
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    Of course your friend could hear the difference. Microphones are all like an artists color palette. People don't all drive the same color cars. Nor do they drive the same kinds of cars. You can test drive a car. But usually you cannot purchase a car and then return it if you don't like it.

    Renting any costly microphone is a costly proposition to begin with. No one will just want to rent you there $3300 microphone. On occasion, I've loaned my original Neumann U-67 to a colleague I have worked with and who has thrown me work for 20 years. He had one of those customized Neumann U87 converted to a tube. But when he heard my 67 he nearly vomited. He quickly ditched his converted 87. Now this other guy who rents studio time from him has come in with an original U-47 and he is in heaven now. He doesn't own one. He won't get one. He won't shell out that kind of money. And I don't take my 67's out on live rock 'n roll gigs. No way in hell. Even the 87's I have I generally won't use on local band live rock 'n roll gigs. For that, I utilize my $80 each Samson Chinese imitations. Bargain jobs get bargain microphones and it's a bargain. High-paying specialty jobs may get the 67's. Like the Corcoran Art Gallery when old-timers from the 1940s are singing old-time songs from the 1940s, that I'm recording. I wouldn't even think of just renting them my 67's regardless of what they wanted to pay me. I go with him or they don't go.

    Sometimes, I've rented out a pair of AKG 414's to another rental company whom I've also rented stuff from myself. And then I got my black AKG 414's back with silver microphone clips. I wasn't happy about that. They eventually got my original black clips back. I won't rent to them ever again. And I've never rented anything from them since. Screw that nonsense. See what I mean?

    My recommendation, if you have the budget to purchase a high-end microphone, I would contact a company like Sweetwater, Guitar Center Pro and ask them what their return policy is. Purchase a couple. Try them. Return one you think you don't like. Purchase another. Try it. Return the one you think you don't like. Purchase a second version of the one you like. Or return both and purchase a pair of one of the ones you previously returned.

    Second choice would be to contact your other local studios. Find out if they have the microphones you are thinking about. Book 1 hours worth of time and go try them out.

    Life's a bitch when dealing with expensive microphones
    Mx. Remy Ann David

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