which compressor is better for tracking or mixing?

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  1. Which compressor is better for tracking or mixing between the teletronix la2a, avalon(any compressor), urei 1176, dbx Quantum II, fairchild 670-660, manley(any), drawmers? I do understand that each instrument or vocals may require a different compressor for better results...but which one is the most consistant between the ones I named :D ?
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    Feb 23, 2001
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    Consistant at what? If you understand that each instrument or vocal comp may require something different, than you should also know that you choose which one based on your needs, wants and desires for each specifc application.

    If you looking for something that can cover the most bases for multi-purpose useage on tracking/mixing/mastering than I'd say something like the Focusrite Red-3 or Blue 230, dbx 160SL or the new dbx 162SL, the Crane Song STC-8 or a pair of their Trackers for VCA designs and the Manley SLAM, Vari-Mu or Pendulum Audio Vari-Mu for something in the tube design.
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    A lot of the pieces you're asking about are more like audio catch-words when used in the context of your question. Theres not that many Fairchilds running properly these days though there are a few company's starting to design and build emulations.I'm sure you could find one but the price tag is one suited for really rich and indulgent folks....so why would you want to know about it?The LA2 is another namedrop people seem to be into.The UA rebuilds are just fine for what they do....and its a rather limiting use(har har!)Theres a lot of newer comps that are much more musical,affordable and versatile than any of those namedropper units you mentioned.Gaff has given you a better list to consider and like he said, the choice of which one to use is going to be predicated on the need.Your ability to choose wisely in each situation will determine your level of expertise as an AE.

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