Which dynamic plugs should I buy

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by djfearny, Dec 27, 2006.

  1. djfearny

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    Hi there

    I am wanting to get myself some decent dynamic plugs to use in logic on my Macbook Pro for production of electronic music (trance).

    I use some of the stuff included whithin logic pro 7.2 but I would really like some decent plugs that will allow mt to get the best out of my mixes.

    I do alot of stuff with my drums so to be able to get some nice sounds with some dynamics would be fantastic.

    I am just unsure whicg 1's to go for really. I have a budget of about £400 and I hav seen so far the sonalskis bundle which is quite nice and also I quite like the new Blue Tubes V3 which has some great stuff. I havnt really seen much else and havnt had much time to try any but I would really like some advice into what I should go for.

    I suppose as well my question is are some better for dance music than others and if I soulld be looking at some inparticular.

    many thanks and I hope somebody can help me.

  2. jayr55

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    i would highly recommend the bluetubes bundle as well as getting great analog comp's eq's u also get a vintage eq and comp. the waves bundle is worth thinking about but waves can come at a bit of a price.
  3. Imago

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    Try Waves' SSL 400 bundle. I have been very pleased and it actually sounds similar to the console's channel strips.

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