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    I've heard that one of the G4 models is quite noisy. I'm thinking about buying a used one to get my foot in the door recording right now. I can get one for @ $1000-$1200 . That would work better with my budget right now instead of $3-3500K . Any thoughts or things to look for ? i'm planning on running through Motu828 mk3 &
    digital Performer,and using Presonus M80 mic Pre's. and some other things. But anyways your feedback would be appreciated. i have a friend thathas a full blown studio so I've recorded on this gear alot. AGAIN ANY FEEDBACK WOULD BE GREAT.
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    i have a 933mhz quicksilver that is extremely noisey. evrything in it is noisey. hard drive, fan, dvdr. i know i can replace at least the hd and dvd drive and i'd assume the fan as well, but i'm kinda lazy.
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    Dec 3, 2003
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    here is kurt's silence case review;

    (Dead Link Removed)

    It fixed my noisy G4 problem- and yes, DP is Da Bomb!
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    Cool thanks Main tiger

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