Which guitar do you prefer?

Discussion in 'Guitars' started by Gibsonsg1090, Dec 11, 2007.


Which guitar do you prefer?

  1. Fender

  2. Gibson

  3. Jackson

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  4. Gretch

  5. ESP (or ltd)

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  6. Ibanez

  7. Schecter

  1. Gibsonsg1090

    Gibsonsg1090 Guest

    Just a random question...

    I like all of them just wanted to see other peoples likes
  2. fourone3

    fourone3 Active Member

    Jan 17, 2007
    My first guitar was a Fender Squire. POS, I know, but I loved it. I got a Jackson Dinky Pro Reverse for half the price due to a price tag that was marked incorrectly :)

    I got an Ibanez acoustic about 6 years ago (don't even ask me the model - haha), and a Schecter C1 Plus around the same time.

    Of those four, I'd have to say the Schecter is by far the best. Best sounding, best feel, and best looking guitar I've owned. It ain't much, but it's mine and I love her :)
  3. bent

    bent No Bad Vibes! Well-Known Member

    Oct 26, 2007
    Cocoa, FL
    Home Page:
    I love the neck on my Ibanez.
    It's a cheap guitar, but sounds great, especially with the Screamin' Demon pickup I put in the bridge.
  4. Zoro

    Zoro Guest

    I use to have an Ibanez RG series didn't paid much for it and I loved it. (it got stolen long time ago) I think I would buy it again but I recently purchased a Parker and it feels better I think so I'd say Parker.

  5. cfaalm

    cfaalm Active Member

    Feb 21, 2005
    Home Page:
    I own a Fender Am Standard Strat (1991). Used to have Ibanez RG 550, Yamaha RGX 612, Westone Spectrum LX and a cheap ass Condor Strat with H-S-H DiMarzio pick-ups.

    Love that Fender sound, though I now would like something with a bit of warmth but with the strat feel, but without the strat hum.

    Never cared for a Tele. Never want a floating trem like Floyd Rose again. What a headache.
  6. Groff

    Groff Active Member

    Jul 18, 2004
    I'm using Schecter. Standard series, SSH, swamp ash, birds eye maple neck. It's very very good instrument. They just know how to make a good guitar.

    Friend of mine has got Schecter telecaster - No. S0046 :eek: !!! Beautiful sounding but wierd combination: bird eye maple neck, mahogany body with maple top. Rare bird.
  7. TheBear

    TheBear Guest

  8. TheBear

    TheBear Guest

    i had a gretsch, a strat, and a gibson es-137 among many others and right now i have a schecter which works quite nice and sounds awesome for the price. but my favorite i have ever played is a limited edition '52 copper colored telecaster. the sound of it made me want to cry cuz how beautiful it sounded.
  9. TheBear

    TheBear Guest

    haha uhmmmm for some reason i couldtn delete my first post.

    my bad. :/
  10. There seems to be a little about a lot of guitars I like so I built my own from USAGC and Warmoth parts.

    For necks I use 24 3/4" scale bolt on fatback strat or tele necks from Warmoth. Made from mahogany or white korina. All except one pau ferro are rosewood boards.

    For bodies I use swamp ash strat types but I have one tele body, all are either USACG or Warmoth and are of varying weight, 2 bodies are from some guy on Ebay.

    So they have the sound of both, they give me the things I like from both the Fender and Gibson guitar.

    Most neck pickups are Duncan Antiquity firebird bridge mini hums, antiquity P-90, antiquity Texas strat and one with a Phat cat, 2 with Duncan PAF type pups. For bridge pickups I either use C5. CC, Duncan Custom shop Brobucker, Phat Cat or Texas strat.

    In all I have 13 of them, I'm not completely done with all of them.

    I'll post some pictures when I get some time. All are natural wood and finished with wiping varnish commonly know as tung oil, which it is really not.
  11. Davedog

    Davedog Distinguished Member

    Dec 10, 2001
    Pacific NW
    I like the one I'm playing at the time the best!

    Currently (ALWAYS subject to change) I own an 87 Strat. 62 reissue. Its stock. I've had it since 88. Its aging nicely. Its name is Betty. Its a very naughty white girl.

    I have what we like to call a SLI.....(stratlike instrument) Its a Chandler body, Boogie boat neck, and theres a Duncan Jazz Humbucker in the neck position, a 57 reissue strat p/u in the middle and a Duncan JB in the bridge. Its a 5 position switch and it has an old Kahler floater with a heavy counterweight on it. Its a rather warm and heavy sounding guitar....more Jackson than Gibson or Fender.

    I have a 1965 Fender Jaguar. It is also stock and it gets recorded a LOT. The neck is one of the best I have ever played in about 40 years of wearing these planks out.

    I have a homebuilt thing that currently needs a setup. It has Schaller p/u's, eastern and western maple body, a first year Schecter neck.....<----not to be confused with the Schecter company these days...they used to be one of the first after market high-end parts companies out there. This is a one piece rosewood neck and has the little Fender wire on it. Both p/u's are 5 wire so its got mini toggles for all sorts of selection. It has a Washburn bridge. I picked out the slabs, and did all the laminations about 25 years ago.

    I have a 414 Taylor. A 2000 model. Its going to get its braces shaved one of these days, but it records really well....its a little choked for live.

    I have a 1974 Ibanez Ragtime acoustic. It is a plywood guitar that plays really well. It has a wonderful wide neck and it sounds like an orchestral archtop on steroids.

    I have a Seagull 12 string. Really nicely balanced tone and will stay in tune for days.

    I have a 1985 Guild Pilot bass. Please do NOT tell anybody about these basses. They are the last reasonably priced American made basses left. They play like a dream. This one is active P/J and weighs in at 7.5 lbs.

    I have a 1987 Guild Pilot 5string bass. Its passive with Bartolini's. Again fairly light @ 8.7 lbs. For all you bassists...the low B is firm.

    I have a 2004 Fender Fretless Jazz Bass MIM. What a nice bass! Records great. No dead spots in the neck...action is low and firm.....sounds like a Fender.

    If I were to list the guitars I've owned and sold over the years for various reasons, it would depress me. At least my last real collectable went to my SpitBoys bandmate and I still get to play it every now and then. A 1965 Fender Pbass. Stock. VoiceOfGod pickups. This one, you plug it in... Turn the knobs up to ten and....well....there it is. It has Black Roto-Sound flats on it. They're about 10 years old now and are just starting to sound 'right'.

    I love guitars as much as I love mics. Maybe more.

    The next bass will probably be a Gibson Thunderbird although recently I did see an early Valley Arts 5 string bass for sale very resonable price too.....................hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
  12. You got GAS..... 8)
  13. Davedog

    Davedog Distinguished Member

    Dec 10, 2001
    Pacific NW
    Yeah....Had it since I just a baby....

    Some day I'll send ya a list of the stuff that has gone away.......Like the 4 "L" series Strats....Only one of em was a sunburst....

    Or the 1961 LesPaul SG with the Vibrola and P90's instead of Humbucks......

    Or the Ampeg AUB1 bass.....Or the first Fretless Dan Armstrong west of the Mississippi.

    Or the 57 Pbass, the 61 Pbass, the 63 Pbass( I still have the neck) The 61 Jazz bass with the stacked knobs (STOLEN !! I still know who did it....) Or the 1970 Gold Top (about 7 years back now)....Theres the 62 Tele...the 69 Tele....the 72 Strat...the 74 Pbass or the 74 FRETLESS Pbass (first year BTW). The 79 Pbass...All three of the 1969 Telecaster basses...all cream w/white pickguards, two were customized...one was stolen and 6 months later I saw it on "IN CONCERT" ...its a long story...even my wife knew it was mine. The 76 Jazz. The 89 Jazz<---p.o.s. The Hagstrom 8 string bass......

    God there so many...I havent even gotten into the acoustics !

    yeah.....I got it bad. Its not likely to end anytime soon.
  14. yup...the countless fender amps....bassmans, bandmasters, Princeton's, Deluxes......white/brown/tweed/black/silver!!!!!!!!!

    The Les Pauls, SG's, ES-335's, 345's, starts, teles.......and a partridge in a pear tree.

    Almost 40 years of buying and selling, getting stuff stolen from you, blowing stuff up. It was fun.........but I have nothing to show for it but a lot of useless information.
  15. Davedog

    Davedog Distinguished Member

    Dec 10, 2001
    Pacific NW
    BigDaddy there is NO useless information. Thats what these sites are all about.

    Gosh I wasnt even thinking of the AMPS...............That'll be another hour of listing.
  16. It's all running through my head now....all those guitars and amps.....geez.

    At least after all these years I found my sound, now if I can find my style of playing. I listen to that recording and I hear a bit of everyone. After all these years it's time to find me.
  17. cathode_ray

    cathode_ray Active Member

    May 3, 2007
    West Palm Beach
    Bigdaddy, DaveDog, (and others) all I gotta say is

    ...misery loves company!
  18. BobRogers

    BobRogers Well-Known Member

    Apr 4, 2006
    Blacksburg, VA
    Gas confession

    "Hi, My name is Bob and I have Gas."

    "Hi, Bob!"

    Well, I'm mostly a bass player. Guitar is about my third instrument. But I have (and have had) a bunch of them. A big part of the story is that I'm a lefty. Tried to play bass rightly for a few days in 1970 and took it back the store and had them flip it over. (It was a knock off Hofner that I wish I had never gotten rid of.) So for much of the last 37 years I made do with my Gibson EB-3 bass (so many dead spots that I name it after a girl that I dated once in high school) and a Martin D18 (still have that one). Anyway, somewhere along the line Al Gore invented the internet and I was able to find all kinds of lefty guitars. It's been an adventure buying and selling. I even made a trip to lefty heaven, Southpaw Guitars in Houston. You rightys are just going to have to imagine the impact of walking into a store with 300 lefty guitars and basses.

    Anyway, my favorite electric guitar is a Tele. I have three. A MIA with a b-bender and g-bender installed by Music One in Montana. (Damned if I didn't start playing with a steel player a few years ago.) It has Barden pickups and a Vintique bridge (I know, I know - more money then sense at the time.) Another is a DIY Warmoth, and the third (often my favorite) is a Fender Japan 62 RI with Bill Lawrence pickups.

    Electric guitars that have come and gone:

    Gibson ES-335 - I got better jazz sounds on my tele with the Bardens and you wouldn't believe the sloppy work the did converting it to lefty.

    Strat - I had a stock MIA and never warmed up to it. They don't make the Mexican models I like in lefty, so some day I'll have to build one. I have a righty that I've done a lot of work on and it get s a lot of use in the studio.

    Rickenbacker 360 -12 string. Great guitar, but it was clear that I wouldn't get enough use out of it.

    I also went through a few more teles befor I found the ones that have stuck

    Right now my main bass is a P-bass that has been cobbled together from various parts. Body from a MIA P that I painted candy apple red. (That's a fun finish to do.) The neck from a Hot-Rod P that is one of the nicest Fender bass necks I've ever felt. Tomastick flatwound strings.

    MIM P-bass body with a USA custom fretless neck in ebony and a J-retro preamp. Veeeery nice.

    I have a lot of parts on my workbench that will some day be a fretted Fender J with round wound strings and a J-retro. Things just have to calm down a bit.

    Rick 4001 in maple. I'm going to put this on the market soon. Good bass, just doesn't do anything I like better than the Fenders.

    A Turser Hofner knockoff. Not a bad instrument. Very light. Good for showing what Sir Paul would look like if gained a lot of weight, lost a lot of hair, and lost even more talent.

    For acoustic guitars I have the D18 and for my 50th birthday I got a Taylor 314.
  19. I think we should start a 12 step program for GAS.
  20. moonbaby

    moonbaby Mmmmmm Well-Known Member

    Feb 23, 2005
    How do I love thee, oh mighty geetar? Let me count the ways...
    Hamer Artist Goldtop /w. P90s, made in Chicago (pre-Kaman).
    Carvin Bolt "kit guitar" my dad woodburned art onto. Swamp ash body, birdseye maple fingerboard, abalone dots, Wilkinson.
    1956 Strat. Not a reissue, a real one. I bought it for $125 from a neighborhood kid when I was 16 in 1971. It included a tweed Deluxe amp that we "converted" into a Leslie cabinet (don't ask!). I promptly painted the thing BLACK (it was originallyDakota Red) to match Richie Blackmore's Strat. I broke the tremolo arm off in the bridge doin' the "Highway Star" thang. It currently sits in an ancient tweed case I got from Ted Turner of Wishbone Ash (!) downstate at my folks' place along with a...
    1963 Firebird I. A reverse-body, SINGLE pick-up Firebird I bought from George Gruhn in 1973 for $400.00 It has been sold and traded around Florida swamp-rock bands over the years. I hated the thing, it was too "top-heavy", but it was sooo unique. Got it back last year...for a LOT more than I originally paid for it.
    Aria Pro II TA70. Matsumoku-made-in-Japan version of a 7/8-size ES335.
    Made in the early 80's. Bought it with upgraded Schaller tuners/bridge, sitting in a genuine "Gibson USA" HSC for a whopping $125.00.
    Another Matsumoku. An Electra Phoenix, Matt's version of a Strat. Maple neck, bought it new in 1982.
    Third Matsumoku. An 1978 Ibanez Les Paul Custom copy with sooo many mods....
    MIJ Fender Telecaster Custom. Maple neck, torn down to replace the pups with Rio Grandes as soon as Santa is done...
    1964 Gibson LG-1. My dad bought this one for me when I was 10 for Xmas after I stuck with the guitar for a year. Bridge is starting to belly up (they all do that), scarred from all the years.
    1964 Gibson C-1 classical. Bought this to keep the LG-1 from bein' lonely.
    1977 Yamaha FG300. MIJ, fancy pickguard, inlays, tune-o-matic-style bridge. A wonderful recording steel-string.
    And, like the others, this is my current stash. Over the years, there have been so many others, bought, sold, swapped, and, unfortunately stolen...
    Nothing breaks your heart faster than to lose a Les Paul or a Strat, or a Jazzmaster to a thief.

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