Which is the best option for me?

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by TheUkProducer, Aug 18, 2008.

  1. Hi, hows everyone?

    just wondering if anyone here as used or uses either a EMU 1616 or a Yamaha MG166C?

    i recently had an m-audio fast track ultra, and did not like it, from the set up issues to the end product once working as well as i could get it..

    so out of the two products stated, which one would you recommend?

    i will be needing to connect up to two mics and once, or a mic and a guitar. i would like to add a synth keyboard and an mpc in the close future.

    also i after the issues with the set up of the fast track ultra, i would like something that will have low latecny and also easy to set up.

    thanks in advacne.
  2. hueseph

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    Oct 31, 2005
    Vancouver, BC, Canada
    I'm a bit a afraid to respond to this but what are your system specs? What kind of issues did you have with the FastTrack Ultra? It looks like that would be perfect for you.

    Regarding what to purchase, which one did you have your heart set on? Do you think the Yamaha mixer will do what you want it to? Will the Emu be supported on your system? Being that it's a pci based interface, do you have a pci-e graphics card that may interfere with the performance?
  3. RemyRAD

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    Sep 26, 2005
    They're all basically the same. If you could not contend with one you won't be able to contend with the others. Perhaps you should read the directions? Contact customer service? Pick up a book? It's not all intuitive you know. You have to have the skill, mindset & smarts to be able to contend with this stuff on a professional level. Not everybody was meant to be a recording engineer, even if you went to school for it for 2 weeks. For instance, unlike Jethro Bo Dean, I'll never become a brain surgeon. Not enough knobs to tweak. Wouldn't know what to do with all that gray matter stuff except remove it?? After all, I had some removed and look where I am today...... On Recording.org utilizing the last of my synapses who haven't had enough sin before they take their naps.

    I'm going back to my coma now. Talk to you in five years.
    Ms. Remy Ann David
  4. ive got a run of the mill PC, it handles all my audio fine with no issues, its:

    Windows XP
    CPU - 2.80 GHZ
    1.48 Ram (this will be upgraded soon)
    and its an intel pentium

    i have 1 spare pci slot so the emu will fit, but i also have the option to remove a network card that has never been used to give me 2 spare pci slots.

    the fast track ultra at the start would not set up at all no matter how many times i read the manual or called tech support, and then finally over tech support i got it running, but there was something about it i just could not like, i think i was let down by the whole set up process and the over all quality of the fast track ultra in my opinion.

    i would have to say that the Emu was my 2nd choice to the ultra, and im thinking the pci based option will be alot more efficent for me, as well as offering good features?
  5. hackenslash

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    Jun 9, 2008
    People's Republic Of Mancunia
    reaches for computer wipes to remove coffee from screen...

  6. hueseph

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    Oct 31, 2005
    Vancouver, BC, Canada
    So, you've returned the FastTrack already? My experience with interfaces is that the differences between them at this price point is hardly noticeable. I don't think you will be any more satisfied with the EMU than you were with the FastTrack. Also the Emu 1616 is old and will probably lose support soon. Though, I think the EMU's have a decent software package. Did you ever complete a full song with the FastTrack? I would think it would take that long to really get to know the interface. There are so many things that affect the sound quality. Not the least of which are the micrphone, the monitoring system and of course the talent.
  7. casper

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    Read this guide to become more familiar:

    You should also try some of these optimization changes:

    Pretty much any interface:
    After you have loaded the drivers for the interface you still have to setup windows to use the interface for recording and playback. You also have to set these parameters in your recording program. Lastly to fine tune the interface you will need to tweak the bit rate and resolution settings in you interface software control panel to get rid of drop outs and latency issues.
  8. vdrummer

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    Jan 21, 2007
    Go to a standalone unit and all your troubles will go away. They work right out of the box! That will solve your problem.

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