Which is the fairest of them all?

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by audiocurry, Jul 11, 2005.

  1. audiocurry

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    Hi! I guess this must be a pretty hackneyed topic, but I'm in the market for a new sound card. I have a few options:
    1. Echo (Layla or the AudioFire 8
    2. Emu 1820
    3. RME Multiface with the PCI (a bit too expensive for me)
    4. Anything with pristine quality with as many inputs as possible (ouputs aren't important - a stereo pair will do just fine).

    My budget is probably around $400-$600 max. I would really appreciate it if anyone could recommend something really good.
    Some of the features I'm looking for are:
    balanced inputs ( as many as possible)
    MIDI (not mandatory, but would be a plus)
    Rock solid drivers
    ADAT interface would be good (since I have an old ADAT, and I can use it as a breakout box), but not in place of 24-bit analog I/O
    Mic pres (not necessary)
  2. Randyman...

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    Jun 1, 2003
    Houston, TX
    I found my Multiface and PCI card used for $550 (over $900 retail), and I also found the ADI-8 Pro AD/DA for $550 on eBay (over $1700 retail :eek: ). I have said this before, but IMO - Used RME gear is one of the best values in pro-audio. The drivers are absolutely rock solid for Windows XP, too.


  3. anonymous

    anonymous Guests

    Feb 10, 2001

    the new Echos driver issues odd things
    Emu same thing
    RME always awesome, and the only "pro" choice of the 3

  4. axel

    axel Guest

    i also backup RME... a quality investment.

    SONICA-X Guest


    RME or Presonus depends on your interconnectivity needs and budget.



    My best,

    Guy Cefalu
    Sonica Audio Labs
  6. Norville

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    Hi ac,
    you don't mention whether you are Mac or a PC sort of person. Before we spark a debate on that choice, i only mention it because it may have influence on your

    I'm faced with a similar choice, and i've narrowed it down (based on AUD$ prices) to...
    1. E-Mu 1820M
    2. Presonus Firepod
    3. MOTU 828 Mk II

    Anything RME or Lynx is off-scale budget-wise. The 828mkII would be my top $ @ ~1500Aud$. The Firepod and 1820M are a little cheaper @ ~1200Aud$. At this stage i'm inclined towards the 828MkII because it has more flexible I/O, Mains power. What i am not sure of is stability under Windoze. Yes, i understand that Mac is a superior animal, but M. Gates owns my soul atm, let's not pursue that choice any further.

    So does anyone have any strong opinions either way on these choices?
    AudioCurry, not trying to hijack your thread, i hope these questions are just as relevant to you...
  7. maintiger

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    Dec 3, 2003
    Whittier, California, USA
    I find the 828mkii rock solid- i don't know about the others

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