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    I'm about to start tracking an album and will be recording the following on specific tracks [in addition to my full band of acoustic guitar, electric guitar, acoustic and electric violin, drums, percussion, keys]:


    available mics are:
    Soundelux U-195
    Peluso CEMC-6 [pair]
    AEA R84
    AT4041 pair
    Octava MCO12

    Available preamps:
    Seventhcircleaudio [Neve and Hardy types]
    Millennia TD-1, with HV3 pre
    Evil Twin, with mic pre added
    Peavey VMP-2
    P1 safe sound
    racked and modded Yamaha P1000 channel strips

    I'm sure I'll want to experiment but if anyone has experience with any combinations of this gear with these instruments please make suggestions so I have a starting point

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    Dec 10, 2001
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    Its nice to have choices...aint it?!!
    All-righty then...I do a LOT of banjo and acoustic instruments...so heres how I'd go about it as a starter.Of course this is only a starting point as all acoustic instruments are so wide in their differences that a strict rule of thumb is simply not possible.

    We have a GREAT banjo to record so its kinda easy...although it IS a banjo...Its a Deering...The upper end G.Deering Personal model.Beautiful..Not as bright or brassy as a Mastertone but plenty of banjo tone for days.Its just very well balanced so theres no extra loud notes and the ring artifacts that show up in a recording. Banjo will like the U195 and the Hardy type pres.Warm and accurate with some depth.The alternate mic would be the KSM32.

    We have several accordians.Theres French tuned ones,New Orleans style tuned,large 5 voice full sized ones....I've gotten great results with a Large Diaphram mic and a tube pre, but in this case I'd start with the ribbon mic and the Millennia pre.This will be most natural and probably cut down on the bellows noise a bit.The secondary mic here would be the Peluso or the KSM32.

    The trumpet will sound best on an EV RE20...but I dont see one listed.

    The clarinet will sound wonderful through the Ribbon mic as well as the Millennia pre.

    I loved the PM series Yammies I've worked on and a set of racked pres would probably impart that warm fuzzy sound they are famous for.The Peavy is a great pre and you might find it working well with all the brass. GOOD luck.
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    Good on ya Davedog! cheers!
    Any other takers?

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