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Discussion in 'Computing' started by Feeeeg, Jan 22, 2010.

  1. Feeeeg

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    OK here it is.

    Newbies just starting to try and record our jam sessions, tired of recording to cassette.

    We just purchased some stuff for this adventure, so the cash flow is now gone. And buying a new pc is not an option. Tascam us1641, cubase 4le, cad 7pc mic for me.

    We have two choices for pc to use. Presently we are running cubase on my laptop due to it requiring usb 2.0

    the specs on the laptop are as such; win vista home, amd turion 64 x2 1.6ghz, 2g ram, 32g left on hdd.

    the specs on the desktop are win xp home, amd 2600 2.6ghz, 1g ram, 300g on two hdd's. need to buy usb 2.0 for desktop (only reason we are not on desktop yet)

    The laptop cannot be cleaned of all other programs, as it is my daily user. The desktop will be setup as a drone, meaning it will only be running essentials, (win, cubase, internet (when needed for updates)on main drive) storage on secondary.

    I ask because the desktop is older, but the laptop is dual core. The desktop was originally built as a gamer and my builder has told me that the processor is clocked to 2.8ghz.
  2. jasonwagner

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    Jan 15, 2010
    Man I haven't worked on a PC in about 8 years but I would say try the desktop since you can wipe it clean and keep it bare bones.

    Good luck!
  3. TheJackAttack

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    Mar 20, 2008
    currently Billings
    How many channels are you recording at one time?

    Of your two less than ideal choices, I would utilize the desktop. Wipe it completely clean and start from scratch. Tweak the $*^t out it by shutting off services. Purchase more ram for it-3 gigs total. Personally I think you should return the Tascam and purchase a firewire device. USB is not up to the task of 16 channels and I'm not a fan of any Tascam mic preamps. Regardless, also purchase a usb (or firewire if you change the interface) PCI card. Do not use the onboard ports as the motherboard will choke them. Utilize a secondary internal hard drive on it's own port and cable as the audio destination drive. Keep the operating system and all programs on the same drive.
  4. Feeeeg

    Feeeeg Guest


    we did not go firewire, cause we did not have the cashflow, which is also why I am using "less than ideal" computers but its all we got.

    The desktop is what I figured, and it can be readily upgraded with more ram, I am using the laptop presently due to the fact that the desktop did not have usb 2.0, I have no choice but to utilize usb by pci card. have not figured out how to solder a usb port on mobo yet :)

    As far as the hdd's the secondary is the bigger of the two, it was originally utilized for gaming and that is where all the storage happened orgiinally so that is what it is going to be now, only storage of audio files.

    So desktop it is,,,, more ram, and maybe a new interface in a couple years....:)
  5. TheJackAttack

    TheJackAttack Distinguished Member

    Mar 20, 2008
    currently Billings
    Do not chain the hard drives on a single cable. One hard drive per ribbon or sata cable. Period. Double check it if you aren't sure. And you don't know until you know.

    On the whole a desktop is better than a laptop for recording purposes bit for bit because of the better efficiency of the motherboard. The hard fact of life is that the era of AMD processors you have are not very good for recording by today's standards and asking 16 simultaneous channels from either of them is a stretch especially over USB. That's why very very often on these forums here at RO it is recommended to save for a better minimum of equipment rather than settle for what one can purchase in the moment.

    Depending on your particular motherboard implementation you should be able to get 8 sticks moderately easily and any more than that will depend on how willing you are to tweak and experiment. Good luck.
  6. Feeeeg

    Feeeeg Guest

    Yeah I know the hdd's are presently configured master/slave, on one ide cable... I will switch that.

    I can upgrade to the 3g ram at a reasonable price of about 90. and the usb 2.0 card is only like $10.

    Just not ready to fork out the money on a new pc and the recording gear, considering I had to buy all my gear for the drums too.

    It is all low line, but we are not looking to release cd's yet, mostly want to record our jam sessions to make it easier for practicing later on while we are by ourselves, we started this project back up from our days in high school, and have only been together for like 6 months now,

    Thanks jack

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