Which Software Should I buy?

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by SamTheBassist, Feb 19, 2006.

  1. Hey this is Sam!
    I am currently using Logic Express, and I am having a lot of trouble with it.
    It seems like the wrong program for me because it has so much Midi capabilities and not much real audio recording capabilities.

    I am recording band projects with 8 drum tracks, about 4 tracks per guitar ( amplitube, and mics) about 3 bass, vocals (about 3 tracks per singer), and theres always some other random thing everyone wants to add in but whatever.
    I end up recording at least about 40 tracks and I know logic is not meant for this.
    It freezes up, and it only works if I mute some of the tracks.
    And I have a G5, and I'm pretty shure my computr should be able to handle this.
    I looked on a Logic Express discussoin forum, and people have been saying its just a problem with Logic.
    So basicaly I need advice on which recording software I should buy.
    I dont care about Midi at all. I just want the best possible audio recording software.

    I've been thinking about protools, but I still dont have any Idea on which software I should buy.
    thanks for all the help

  2. TeddyG

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    Jan 20, 2005
    I don't know, but it sounds like Logic Express, would be a "limited" version of Logic??? Logic, is used all around the world for doing just what you do. Maybe the full version would help?

    Depending on lots of things there can be restrictions on how many tracks one can manage at a time. Computer capabilities and settings, sound card/interface capabilities/settings, number of "plug-ins"/effects in use, sample rate used, knowing(Or not) how to do this stuff - lots of things.

    Indeed though, proper software, for what YOU want to do, should be your highest priority! Pick one(There are many "brands"/"models" that will do all you'll ever need.), THEN make sure ALL of your other recording gear meets or exceeds it's requirements and is "set" according to the software's need - guides for which will be listed on the software box, in the manual and on the manufacturers web site. Then, learn how to use it.

    Hint: Getting this stuff to work is hard - hair-pulling, teeth knashing, dog-kicking, sobbing uncontrollably, hard.

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    Sure Logic Express can do it, I've been using it for sessions up 48 stereo tracks on a 1GHz Powerbook.

    Exactly what Mac do you have? how much RAM? OS version? Amount of free space on system drive? amount of free space on audio drive?
    audio interface? have you downloaded the latest Pro Application Support patch from Apple? Speed of your audio drive.

    You should be cruising on any G5!


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