which stereo mic pre?

Discussion in 'Preamps / Channel Strips' started by jacobjones, Jan 8, 2005.

  1. jacobjones

    jacobjones Guest

    wussup my beloved gear junkies!!!
    jacobjones in the house... new member for the 2005!!
    here is my setup:
    -mac G4 dual Ghz
    -MOTU 896
    -Focusrite ISA 110,ART pro VLA, SPL vitalizer MK2,Lexicon PCM81,Neumann U87 ( purple tag!),DBX 1066
    _waves platinum bundle, UAD 1 mackie card,Altiverb
    _logic audio 6.3.3
    i mostly produce hip hop ,R&b and reggae music with live guitar.
    now i'm looking for a stereo mic pre!!
    why ?? well for coloring my stereo buses (like my drum bus for example),and also to side chain it to the SPL vitalizer MK2 for the entire mix!
    now i've listen to kurt demo (now that's country!!!)..... thanks a lot for that kurt ! i personnaly loved the guitar with the AMEK NEVE 9098
    and is it my ears or the SEBATRON2000e sound a little muddy?
    i'm looking for a stereo mic pre that adds warmth and accentuates the details of the final mix without making it sound muddy(if that makes sense!!!).the stereo must be therefore well balanced if it's a dual channel and not a true stereo. I've read about UNIVERSAL AUDIO 2-610 suposelly great sound but not well balance for stereo application.
    so any suggestion anybody for my type of music for great overall stereo mic pre? $2000 max $1500 would be better tough!!
    thanks and happy new year 2005 to all
  2. AB2

    AB2 Guest

    check out the demeter

    Demeter VTMP-2c - one on ebay right now (1800 - maybe they will take less) or buy direct from demeteramps.com for $1899?
    Sweet, softens my Neumann 184s. BUT lots of clarity too!
    Good luck.

    BROKENBONES Active Member

    Jul 18, 2004
    Home Page:
    i have a sebatron .i wouldn't refer to it as muddy.
    this one was done with a seb:
    other preamps to consider are the adesigns MP-2 which i think might be within your budget.the UA-2-610 is desirable unit too although maybe not as flexible as the vmp.
  4. omaru

    omaru Active Member

    Sep 8, 2004
    Wow - thanks BrokenBones - very nice.

    I had similar thoughts about muddiness on other samples I'd heard, and found a 1db cut at 237hz cleaned it up beautifully but needing to do this was putting me off purchasing the Seb.

    How was your track recorded?


  5. DanKennedy

    DanKennedy Guest

    You were put off buying one of Seb's wonderful preamps because you had to pull 1dB (!!) at 237hZ?

    Holy $*^t Batman!!!

    What planet do you live on?

    Dan Kennedy
    Great River Electronics, Inc.
  6. omaru

    omaru Active Member

    Sep 8, 2004
    :) :) :) - thanks Dan.

    Yes - sadly I was - largely because the sample I had of your MP2NV didn't need touching.

    I don't get to hear GREAT or even GOOD pre's first hand so I can only go by samples I d/l to try to make choices.

    I'm also looking at it (the 4000e) from a live performance angle as mic pre for a duo (2 vox, 2 guitars).

    I'm glad you see it most favourably.


  7. jacobjones

    jacobjones Guest

    hey brokenbones i bow down in front of such clarity, space but yet very present and oh yes WARM sound!!!!!!!!!
    did you record that session and St peter's cathedral or Notre dame of paris or what?!
    anyway if the sebatron is behind this .......suff!!! what mic did you use
    because ...Daaaaam !!!!ok?
    so can you tell me more about the Vmp or Vtmp!!
    what the stereo balance in the sebatron or the VMp or any other good one.....anybody??
  8. Lectra

    Lectra Guest

    I would rather have great eq or a nice compressor like the TG1 or 1969ME if i would like to have my drum bus coloured...
    If you want a NOT clean & transparant dual pre around 2k i would look @ the TG2 or the MP2nv..
    However all the HipHop dudes seem to like the blinky bling Avalon stuff so a 2nd hand AD2022 might be another option...
    Good Luck :wink:
  9. achille

    achille Active Member

    Jun 22, 2003
    BROKENBONES recording

    I listen your recording it's great!
    what mic you take for this record? omni or XY, or cardioid?
    the Sebatron was flat or pad, air switch on or off?


    BROKENBONES Active Member

    Jul 18, 2004
    Home Page:
    that's not my recording.i found it here
  11. omaru

    omaru Active Member

    Sep 8, 2004
    Ah - thanks for clearing that up - I was thinking Karl must be posting under two names.


  12. jacobjones

    jacobjones Guest

    Broken bones!!!!!!!!!
    thanks anyway ......just purchased a sebatron 2000e on ebay for $850!!!!! I guess i've been convinced !!!!
    can't wait to hear the side chaine sebatron/SPL vitalzer MK2
    or sebatron/ART pro VLA
    thanks guys :cool:
  13. dave_music

    dave_music Guest

    Hi jacobjones,

    How do you like your sebatron 2000e? I am thinking about getting one. How old is your used sebatron? I am wondering how long a Sebatron 2000e can last and keep its sound quality.

    How useful is VU? Is it worth $300?


  14. jacobjones

    jacobjones Guest

    hi dave _music
    Just go ahead man buy the SEBASTRON it's simply mind blowing!!!
    the sound quality will make you cry tears of joy!!! I use to rec my vocals thru a FOCUSRITE ISA 110 with a NEUMAN U87 mic..... won't be doing that again!!!! i use to borrow my friend's AVALON 737 for coloring and warmth. but after doing an A/B test of the 2 unit....he can keep his AVALON!!!
    i use to spend hours mixing my drums, bass...etc. now, I just bounce each track (mono or stereo) thru the SEB, add a little ALTIVERB there and there, an EQ and a limiter on the stereo master track and call it a day!! and believe me the $*^t thump!!!! hip hop baby!!
    As far as the Vu meter . well i't's up to you really!! it sure looks nice, i personaly use the meters of my DAW (logic pro)and i'm fine ! i'll use the $300 i saved on another gear!!! but that's just me!
    by the way my unit is brand new plastic sealed and all!! $850!!!! talk to DAN KENNEDY is the man with the mad connex!!!!
    good luck hope i've helped....... one!
  15. omaru

    omaru Active Member

    Sep 8, 2004

    You're right Dan - the planets I lived on was "that of the not knowing" and "the afraid to make another poor/expensive choice" planets.

    I've since purchased a couple of pre's - a pair of Quad 8's and a Sebatron VMP 4000e.

    The Quad 8's come with an inductor eq section - which is nice - but after using the Sebatron, there's not much you can't do with a few well tailored switches.

    I just love the Sebatron - in fact, if I could only have one pre, that would be it.

    I also purchased a Sebatron veqc 2000 - a compressor and eq.

    Mmmmm - how to get from "semi pro vocals to pro" in one hit.

    Thanks Dan for the push and thanks Seb.

    And thanks to Zemlin who did such a great job on the choir.

    These are great units and finally I get sounds I love.

    It's been a while since I responded here, but I thought it necessary to post my own thoughts, and hopefully help someone else.

    If one does not have access to this level of equipment, it's very hard to make a decision to part with, what I think, is a lot of money.


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