Which Wide Screen Flat Panel Display for Windows?

Discussion in 'Computing' started by GrievousAngel, Oct 14, 2005.

  1. What W I D E Screen flat panel (LCD or ?) display is perferred for DAW use?

    Anyone using a HDTV display?

    who are using dual flat LCD panels on an extending arm? what arm?


  2. bounce

    bounce Guest

    I just got the Dell 20" widescreen with an ergotron arm and it's unbelievable! Works with Windows but I use an older mac g4 with a stock video card and it's just absolutely killer!

  3. yea, i am looking at the Dell 2005 or the 2405.

    do you feel the 3-4 exctra inches of width is worth the cost?

    also, what about DAW Feaks (like me) using dual 20" LCG panels? maybe one over the analog conosle and myabe the 2nd over the DAW keyboard/mouse/controller?


  4. bounce

    bounce Guest

    I think the bigger, the better on monitoring if you can afford it. I'm more of a fan of big single than dual smaller monitors. I just don't like the break if I can avoid it when mousing. etc. You'll probably upgrade your machine but keep your monitor for a while. I had my last one for almost 8 years! I bought the 20 because I had a coupon for a special deal from dell for $396!! I'll probably just add a second one of those if I wanna get psycho. The 20 widescreen gives almost double what my 21" crt gave me (the lcd is higher res). You'' love either one ; )

    bounce inventive audio
  5. Timmetje

    Timmetje Guest

    In the studio i'm using 2x 18" (sadly the G5 won't handle a third screen as the pci buses interfere with audio), private a 20" widescreen mac alu display.

    I think 2x 20" would be so handy in the studio, the widescreen is ideal for monitoring audio which is normally more horizontal than vertically looked at. (uhm...damn, in a mastering situation than)
  6. KyroJoe

    KyroJoe Guest

    Using a few pairs of these dualies and love 'em!
    Check them out.


    Kyro Studios
  7. tonybran

    tonybran Guest

    they have any dual monitors like that for Mac's?
  8. Mr-Nice

    Mr-Nice Guest

    Yeah I am looking to ditch my 2 bulky a$$ CRT's and copping me some nice 20" LCD's with the boom arm myself.

    I calculated that this upgrade will cost well over $500 so I have to wait a bit. The monitors I want are at least $300 each and those boom arms are around $75 each.

    I will sell my CRT's but I know I wont get much for them. That wont even put a dent in the offset for the new stuff.

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