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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by vikki, Jul 15, 2003.

  1. vikki

    vikki Guest

    Well i'm sitting here looking at my recently built dedicated music computer, it works great with midi but now its time to do some audio recording.I have no specialised mics as yet only a 20 year old stereo jvc condensor mic which did sound good 20 years ago with my Akai 4000ds deck but i guess times have moved on. So without spending thousands of pounds which mic would you suggest for recording vocals and acoustic guitar. Next is a pre amp, i was toying with the idea of building the Gyratec c9 but it won't be built this week and probably not next, so is there a reasonable 2 channel pre amp out there that won't totally break the bank, what would you buy in my situation?
    I,m into the ballad Crystal Gayle type of sound so i guess its got to be something with a bit of quality. Any ideas?
    Vikki (u.k) :confused:
  2. daif

    daif Guest

    Hey Vikki,
    What's the limit of your budget?
    Always a good starter for this kinda' query.
    Regards, Tom
  3. vikki

    vikki Guest

    Well i was thinking along the lines of about 1000 uk pounds or less for the pre amp and perhaps around 350 u.k for a mic. I think the pre amp would have to be 2 channel so i can take it out gigging as a pre amp for my dual pickup acoustic guitar. I know this is not really high endish money but whats around on the market? But rather than be disapointed i would rather throw a bit more money at the mic and pre.
    Thanks for the reply
    Vikki. ;)
  4. Davedog

    Davedog Distinguished Member

    Dec 10, 2001
    Pacific NW
    Another question for us 'mericans would be the equivalent conversion to dollar for your budget...thanx!
  5. I would start with the following:

    Shure sm57- $80 USD

    Pair Studio Projects B1s- $160 USD

    FMR Really Nice Preamp- $450 USD

    I would also get an Really Nice Compressor for $175. I own all these items and they are the best values. Items I would also recommend looking at:

    Toft ATC-2 is a dual mic pre/FET compressor/trident eq that has come on the market recently for $999.

    Great River single channel.

  6. vikki

    vikki Guest

    Thanks for the replies.
    I think the uk pound is around 1.6 dollars to the pound, so i guess 1000 uk pounds is 1600 dollars, correct me if i.m wrong.
    Thanks Doc that Toft unit looks nice but i can't find any reviews, must be new, any one using one of these?
    Keep it coming fellas and we will see what we can get hold of in the u.k.Its usually hard work getting some of the different manufacturers gear over here.
    Many Thanks
    Vikki ;)
  7. vikki

    vikki Guest

    Anyone used the Toft stuff, is it available yet? Do the workings match the nice front panel?
    Vikki :D
  8. vikki

    vikki Guest

    By the way anyone know what these Reven Labs pre amps are like, more guitar biased i think.
    Vikki :D
  9. Ask Alan Hyatt over at the PMI Audio forum about the Toft unit- he makes them. David

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