Who likes the Sure Beta 57A

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by ric-flections, Apr 16, 2008.

  1. i got the Beta 57A not too long ago and have only heard good things micing my Sun Beta half-stack. It really preserves that clear Red Hot Chilli Peppers Fender tone that i was looking for. i honestly dont need to EQ it at all and dont have to worry about a certain placement. I just need to know how versitle it is, so if there is anyone out there who has used it on other applications please let me know.
  2. bent

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    I'll throw it on the bottom of the snare, behind a guitar cabinet, occasionally in a kick drum or on toms...
  3. IIRs

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    Oct 23, 2005
    Live vocals. Snare. Toms. Hihats. Ride. Percussion. Bass guitar cabs. Brass. Almost anything really.
  4. thanks man, im thinking about buying another one thats why i asked.
  5. RemyRAD

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    Sep 26, 2005
    Yeah, it comes closer to that sound of a condenser with its increased output level and extra high-frequency octave response. I like it better than some cheap foreign a.k.a. Chinese condenser microphones.

    But I still like the slightly more bandwidth Ltd. SM58 moreover then the Beta 57/58. It's just a little less edgy sounding.

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    I've got several Beta 57As and use them on stage for micing some woodwind, amp cabs and other odd acoustic instruments, although I would not put them up on snare (prefer SM57) or brass. The hypercardioid pattern can be used to advantage when carefully positioned relative to foldback monitors, as it has two rear nulls 120 degrees apart. I use Beta 57As less often in the studio.

    Take care if you are thinking of using the Beta 57A/58A for vocals, as they can make certain voices sound harsh.

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