Who wants 5150/Recto cab Impulses?

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    Feb 21, 2009
    [TD]I've been experimenting with making cabinet impulses and I like the way this came out so I am going to give this away. Included are 5 different impulse files to open in your favorite impulse loader. Chain is 5150 power amp with Winged =C= power tubes, Boogie Recto cab with standard Mesa V30's, and a single Shure SM57.

    Here is a clip where both guitar and bass are processed using my impulses:
    (Expired Link Removed)

    Alpha - A standard tight and clear modern high gain type impulse
    Beta - Tight, but darker, for bright guitars or sims
    Gamma - Great for crunch tones or for adding 'vintage' vibe
    Delta - Like Alpha, but extended bass response
    Epsilon - Combination Beta and Delta, big bass response and dark top

    And here are the files:
    (Expired Link Removed)
    Here are 48k Axe-FX friendly responses:
    (Expired Link Removed)

    Let me know how you like my impulses, post clips of your own results if you like, and more importantly have fun[/TD]


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